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From humble beginnings… In 1995, our owner Alan McGillivray was so busy the first year whale watching that both his main boat and backup boat, aptly name the “Prince of Whales”, were in constant operation, alternating between cargo runs, and whale watching runs. Now… with our large number of vessels, locations in both Victoria and Vancouver, and almost 50 staff in peak season, Prince of Whales is now the largest whale watching and eco-adventure company in British Columbia. As such, we are proud to be a leader in responsible whale watching and to have served as teaching platforms for whale research.

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Do you really see whales?
Yes! Prince of Whales Whale Watching has a success rate of 90 – 95% in the peak season (May – October).

What happens if we don’t see a whale?
If you come out on one of our tours and do not see a whale, you are invited to join us on another tour – free of charge. This offer is valid for life and does not expire

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So why do we use zodiacs? Because of their low weight they are extremely fast and efficient. Ours are powered by twin 200 horsepower Mercury engines and can exceed 30kts, or about 55km/h. Choose the zodiac if you want all out adventure, you’ll never forget this ride.

Ocean Magic and Ocean Magic II are identical vessels designed to maximize comfort without compromising viewing quality, all while minimizing environmental impact. If you’re a fan of flexibility, the Ocean Magics are the boats for you.

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Sustainability is ourFirst Priority

Our People. At Prince of Whales, our number one focus is you, our guest! We want to make sure that your experience with us not only meets, but exceeds your expectations.

Our Planet. We are constantly thinking of new ways to innovate and improve; and in order to set new goals for the future, we must first examine where we are now.

Our Profit. Our community involvement doesn’t end on the water; we are as well-known on dry land as we are in the ocean!

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Whale Sightings Today!

How whales help change climate for the better! Through poo...

About 2 hours ago from Prince of Whales 's Twitter via Hootsuite

January 16 – January 26, 2015 | Weekly Sightings Report

Whale Sightings

Whale Sightings

Keeping you guys informed on our whale sightings is definitely one of the best parts of my job, and today is no exception. (Although, who am I kidding, I whale watch for a living, every part of my job is awesome!)We had a fabulous winter wildlife tour out this week. Skipper Mark took 8 lucky passengers out in to the calm Salish Sea. He first went east towards Trial Island where he caught up with a humpback whale! It can be a bit of a gamble picking a direction right out of the harbour, but Mark wasn’t going out blind. […]

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Jennifer Dickson, BSc

Biologist with Double Major in Biology and Environmental Studies
Roles at prince of whales First Mate, Marine Mammal Naturalist, Guest Service Associate, and Online Reputation Manager

Types of animals spotted this week

Humpback Whale


Sea Lion

Sea Lions

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