@Faye_1988 Ultimate Day Tour! Leave from #yvr, whale watch to #yyj, visit @butchartgardens, and boat back to (same day or spend the night!)

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We offer all out adventure or maximum comfort adventures year round, get ready for the Adventure of a Lifetime! We are proud leaders in responsible whale watching and have a strong passion for educating guests from all over the world about the wonders and the fragility of the Salish Sea.

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The Whales & Gardens

  • Whale Watching
  • VIP Entrance to Butchart Gardens
  • Return Shuttle to Victoria
4+ hrs Hrs.
94 Max.
Adult Rate $150
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Zodiac Adventures

  • High Speed Outdoor Adventure!
  • Perfect For Thrill Seekers
  • Every 30 Minutes on Demand
3 hrs Hrs.
12 Max.
Adult Rate $105
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Ocean Magic Victoria Whale Watching Tour

  • Victoria’s Whale Watching Flagship!
  • Indoor & Outdoor Seating
  • Fun For The Whole Family
3 hrs Hrs.
74 Max.
Adult Rate $120
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The Ultimate Day Tour

  • Whale watching & wildlife viewing
  • Explore Victoria's Inner Harbour
  • Flexibility to customize your day
Full Day Hrs.
94 Max.
Adult Rate $310
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The Southbound Adventure Crossing

  • Whale Watching
  • One Way Vancouver - Victoria
  • Victoria Inner Harbour
4 hrs Hrs.
94 Max.
Adult Rate $205
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Ocean Magic Vancouver Whale Watching Tour

  • Half-Day Whale Watching!
  • Fun For The Whole Family
4 - 5 hrs Hrs.
74 Max.
Adult Rate $160
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Whale Sightings

Seagoing Deer in Orca Waters

Prince of Whales

By Prince of Whales

Whale-watchers in local waters have become used to the seals and sea lions, the Orcas and humpbacks that delight visitors.

But on Sunday a Victoria-based Zodiac came across a deer buck off East Sooke Park swimming bravely toward Neah Bay while transient Orcas lurked nearby.

Captain Mark Malleson, with five passengers aboard, knew that he had to do more than watch a deadly drama unfold.

He decided to give the deer, by this time half a mile offshore, “a fighting chance.” He used the Zodiac to turn it back to a place on the rocks where it could get out. It clambered up, exhausted.

Malleson, head Zodiac captain with Prince of Whales, says the encounter was the first of its kind in his 20 years on the job.

He spotted the Orca bull on the hunt offshore first, then the rest of the pod swimming parallel with it close to shore. He recognized them as four T-137 transients.

“I saw what looked like a tree in the water, but it was moving, and moving toward the Orca. Then I realized the branches were antlers.”

And he knew that based on occasional anecdotal reports over the last 40 years experts have suspected that transients have been preying on land-based animals as well as marine ones like seals and sea lions.

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