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Whale Watching is Only Half the Adventure

We are more than a whale watching and marine wildlife adventure organization. We are mariners, educators, entertainers, scientists, and conservationists. We have been family-owned and operated since day one.

From our downtown departure locations, we offer industry-leading whale watching tours in Vancouver, Victoria, and Telegraph Cove. Prince of Whales is focused on sharing the beautiful and breathtaking coastal waters of British Columbia, its vibrant wildlife, and its rich history.

*Vessel selection may vary based on the day and number of passenger to optimize environmental consideration and impact.

Half-Day Whale Watching

Knock on the door to the Great Bear Rainforest and enjoy coastal waters teeming with life. Take in all the Broughton archipelago has to offer without having to travel deep into the heart of the Great Bear Rainforest. Experience the biodiversity of some of the ...more

Half-Day Whale Watching

Departing from Granville Island in downtown Vancouver our high-speed, custom-built, luxury catamaran will take you on a 3- to 5-hour fully-guided whale watching & marine wildlife tour. Check out a 3D tour of the Catamaran ...more

Zodiac Whale Watching

Departing from downtown Victoria aboard a 12-passenger open-air Zodiac-style boat, this adventure will take you on a 3-3.5 hour fully-guided whale watching & marine wildlife viewing ...more

Private Zodiac Whale Watching

Suit up in a Mustang Survival Suit, take a selfie, and get on board one of our 12-passenger Zodiacs for our most intimate, adrenalin-pumping whale-watching adventure! Hold on to your hat and brace yourself for a refreshing spray of sea air as your Zodiac ...more

Fly-Whales-Fly (Catamaran)

This customizable round-trip adventure will take you from downtown Vancouver to Victoria on a 35-minute one-way seaplane flight (Part 1). From here, you’ll board a custom-built 95-passenger catamaran, embarking on a 3+ hour, fully-guided whale watching and ...more
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Diving into the Victoria Film Festival

Promotion, Story, Weekly Blog
1.0 minute read And bringing back our Cinema on Board! We are excited to announce we are partnering with the Victoria Film Festival and bringing back our popular “Cinema On Board” again this year! The Victoria Film Festival prides itself on presenting a wide range of films from around the world, including those from emerging... Read more »...
a killer whale spyhopping or llooking outside of the water

What Whales are in BC’s Waters?

Conservation, Education, Weekly Blog, Whale Sightings
1.5 minute read British Columbia (BC) is home to a diverse array of whale species, each with its own unique characteristics and behaviors. In this blog post, we’ll explore some of the most common whales found in BC, including killer whales (orcas), humpback whales, and other species. Types of Killer Whales in BC Orcas, also... Read more »...

Prince of Whales & Sea Smart

Partnering up to empower future ocean heroes 1.0 minute read We are proud to announce we have partnered up with Sea Smart, to bring to students in the Greater Vancouver area educational programs aimed at sustainability and conservation, with a specific focus on killer whales! At Prince of Whales and Sea Smart, we believe that... Read more »...
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