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Whale watching is only half the adventure

We are more than a whale watching and marine wildlife adventure organization. We are mariners, educators, entertainers, scientists, and conservationists. We have been family-owned and operated since day one.

From our downtown departure locations, we offer industry-leading whale watching tours in Vancouver, Victoria, Telegraph Cove, and Seattle. Prince of Whales is focused on sharing the beautiful and breathtaking coastal waters of British Columbia, its vibrant wildlife, and its rich history.

Half-Day Whale Watching

Departing from Granville Island in downtown Vancouver our high-speed, custom-built, luxury catamaran will take you on a 3- to 5-hour fully-guided whale watching & marine wildlife ...more

Half-Day Whale Watching

Departing from Telegraph Cove Resort aboard a 74-person semi-covered, custom-built express cruiser, this adventure will take you on a 3-hour fully-guided whale watching and marine wildlife viewing ...more

Zodiac Whale Watching

Departing from downtown Victoria aboard a 12-passenger open-air Zodiac-style boat, this adventure will take you on a 3-3.5 hour fully-guided whale watching & marine wildlife viewing ...more

Zodiac Whale Watching

Departing from Telegraph Cove Resort aboard a 12-passenger open-air Zodiac-style boat, this adventure will take you on a 3-3.5 hour fully-guided whale watching & marine wildlife viewing ...more

Fly-Whales-Fly (Catamaran)

This customizable round-trip adventure will take you from downtown Vancouver to Victoria on a 35-minute one-way seaplane flight (Part 1). From here, you’ll board a custom-built 95-passenger, catamaran, embarking on a 3+ hour, fully-guided whale watching and ...more
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Whale & Wildlife Sightings of Telegraph Cove

Exploration, Weekly Blog, Whale Sightings
Telegraph Cove is home to numerous marine mammals, fish and sea life! From the moment we leave the dock we could start seeing wildlife. Wildlife we may get the opportunity to see include: Humpback Whales Killer Whales Dall’s Porpoise Pacific White-Sided Dolphins Stellar Sea Lions Harbour Seals Minke Whales Bald Eagles   Humpback Whales Humpback... Read more »...

Granville Island Getaway

Exploration, Promotion, Story, Weekly Blog
Before Granville Island became what it is today, it once was used as a local fishing area for First Nations tribes. These are the ancestral lands for three nations; the Musqueam, Squamish and Tsleil-Waututh peoples. Today it is a small tourist mecca offering a range of culture, art, food, shops, entertainment and adventure – the... Read more »...

Tales of Telegraph Cove

Exploration, Promotion, Story, Weekly Blog
Nestled in a bay along the northern coastline of Vancouver Island, on the traditional land of the Namgis First Nation, lies a small village known as Telegraph Cove. The name was coined by Alfred Maemaduke in 1912 and referred to the telegraph lineman’s station that pioneers, loggers and others of industry would use. Today, Telegraph... Read more »...
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  • Reviews

    Zodiac Tour Zodiac Tour gebucht und viele Wahle gesehen. Orcas und Buckelwahle. Der Skipper für weit und in die Nähe der Inseln der USA. Niemand anders hat den weg auf sich genommen. Dort hatten wir das Glück, viele Buckelwahle zu sehen. Super Tour.

    Posted on 7/31/2019 via TripAdvisor
  • Reviews

    Great day At first we saw only a few orcas and where kinda waiting for more and almost at the end of the tour the humpback whales showed up and made it Unforgettable.
    The tour guides where nice and gave us lot of info

    Posted on 7/26/2019 via TripAdvisor
  • Reviews

    Saw at least a dozen humpback Whales! We had a really great time getting to see the whales, but just as important, our on-board guides knew what they were talking about and gave us lots of info. Always felt safe and fun.

    Posted on 9/16/2019 via TripAdvisor
  • Reviews

    Whale watching 1/2 day Unforgettable experience! Capt Erin, Stu, Wilma, Aurora and the rest of the crew did everything they could to make sure everyone was happy! Not only was it fun, it was fruitful- we saw a total of 8 Orcas playing, breaching and eating. Capt Erin’s perseverance paid off and we had the best time ever. We learned a lot too!

    Posted on 9/20/2019 via TripAdvisor
  • Reviews

    A Blast For Tourists and Locals Alike My parents were visiting from out of town, and I wanted to go somewhere and do something that I had not done. Our guide Travis was very knowledgable. The tour educated you on the subdistricts of Vancouver, and some of the surrounding areas. You also learnt some interesting architectural trivia in the area. The tour is half educational tour and half enjoying the boat going fast ( they move at quite a click). Definitely, an advisable tour to do, even if you are a local. A really great way to spend a summer afternoon, and afterwards (or before) you can wander Granville Island.

    Posted on 8/06/2019 via TripAdvisor
  • Reviews

    Half day Whale watch tour We had an amazing day with the Prince of Whales crew, special mention to Amy and Stu, both were very informative and we had a once in a life time close encounter with a whale. This whale played around our boat you couldn’t get any closer, it came to us. Later identified as Nike the whale! Do yourself a favor and go.

    Posted on 9/12/2019 via TripAdvisor
  • Reviews

    Great experience Maybe we were lucky but we saw Orcas, Humpbacks, sea lions, porpoises and sea eagles. Guides were I formative and genuinely loved doing what they do, great to see them as excited as we all were to see these magnificent creatures.

    Posted on 8/03/2019 via TripAdvisor
  • Reviews

    Amazing experience although the weather did not cooperate we had an amazing time. the crew: Chris, Joe, Lili, Jennifer and Seanie were terrific. we got to see some humpback whales, 2 varieties of sea lions, harbour seals and apparently a very rare brown pelican. Lili was very knowledgeable and enthusiastic which made this even more exciting. and she shot some great photos. thanks for a memorable experience. one less thing on my bucket list. well worth the cost! thank you

    Posted on 10/11/2019 via TripAdvisor
  • Reviews

    The most incredible way to spend a morning! On arrival at the office, the staff were friendly and welcoming, we were given a talk to explain that we may not see everything, but we should see something! Within half an hour however we had an incredible encounter with a pod of orcas. The captain tailed them for almost an hour- though always keeping a safe distance from the animals. Wilma was incredible knowledgable, giving lots of information about the orcas at every available opportunity- her passion for the whales was infectious. After viewing the whales, the captain took us on a beautiful tour of the islands where we saw bald eagles, seals and some amazing scenery, always with lots of additional information from Wilma! Snacks on board we’re reasonably priced with all proceeds going to charity, and hot drinks were free.
    I couldn’t praise this experience highly enough- an incredible experience through and through. Though I highly recommend that you take an extra jumper, even on a hot day it was freezing out at sea!

    Posted on 7/17/2019 via TripAdvisor
  • Reviews

    Ultimate day trip to Victoria. Despite rainy weather to start off we had a lovely day. the staff was knowledgeable and very accessible we saw both orca and humpback whales. They really did a great job pointing out the wild life. Definitely recommend.

    Posted on 10/19/2019 via TripAdvisor