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We offer all out adventure or maximum comfort adventures year round, get ready for the Adventure of a Lifetime! We are proud leaders in responsible whale watching and have a strong passion for educating guests from all over the world about the wonders and the fragility of the Salish Sea.

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The Whales & Gardens Tour

  • Whale Watching
  • VIP Entrance to Butchart Gardens
  • Return Shuttle to Victoria
4+ hrs Hrs.
94 Max.
Adult Rate $150
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Zodiac Adventures

  • High Speed Outdoor Adventure!
  • Perfect For Thrill Seekers
  • Every 30 Minutes on Demand
3 hrs Hrs.
12 Max.
Adult Rate $105
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Victoria Ocean Magic II Adventures

  • Victoria’s Whale Watching Flagship!
  • Indoor & Outdoor Seating
  • Fun For The Whole Family
3 hrs Hrs.
74 Max.
Adult Rate $120
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The Ultimate Day Tour to Victoria

  • Whale watching & wildlife viewing
  • Explore Victoria's Inner Harbour
  • Flexibility to customize your day
Full Day Hrs.
94 Max.
Adult Rate $310
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The Southbound Adventure Crossing

  • Whale Watching
  • One Way Vancouver - Victoria
  • Victoria Inner Harbour
4 hrs Hrs.
94 Max.
Adult Rate $205
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Vancouver Ocean Magic Whale Watching Adventures

  • Half-Day Whale Watching!
  • Fun For The Whole Family
4 - 5 hrs Hrs.
74 Max.
Adult Rate $160
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Whale Sightings

Whale Photography 101

Jennifer Dickson

By Jennifer Dickson

We live in a world of perpetual documentation. Everyone wants to be the person to record every pivotal moment in their lives (or their food, whatever, we’re not here to judge). This has given rise to the idea that everyone is a photographer.

Among the people that lament this fact the most, are wildlife photographers. Actual, real-life, professional, photographers. The investment they have made in their equipment, training, skill, and time is phenomenal, and yet they regularly witness people with a 3-year-old smart phone, taking a photo through a window, hoping to get National Geographic quality shots.

That’s probably not gonna happen.

One of the reasons we humans find wildlife photography so darn stunning, is because it often captures things that we can’t see with our naked eye. Sometimes this is because us non-wildlife-photographers don’t have the time or patience to wait the hours, days (or sometimes weeks/months!) required to get the shot we desire. More often, it’s because human eyes physically can’t see far enough, or process images fast enough, to see the details that make wildlife photography so compelling. Remember when an Australian photographer caught a sea lion riding a whale?

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