⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ Stylish exterior, available worldwide, waterproof. Did NOT live up to the quantity of killing anticipated, impossible to get just one, always in groups. Compatibility with 10+ other models/ecotypes remains unknown. Would not recommend in captivity #rateaspecies pic.twitter.com/dW84yLEM15

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    British Columbia’s Most Spectacular Marine Wildlife Adventures.

    We offer all out adventure or maximum comfort adventures year round, get ready for the Adventure of a Lifetime! We are proud leaders in responsible whale watching and have a strong passion for educating guests from all over the world about the wonders and the fragility of the Salish Sea.

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    Butchart Gardens

    Combine two of Victoria’s ‘must do’ activities, whale watching & the Butchart Gardens!

    Feel the wind in your hair on this exhilarating adventure exploring the Salish Sea in search of the majestic wildlife that flood our waters

    In true comfort and style, explore the Salish Sea in search of the majestic wildlife that flood our waters

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    There is a good reason why this tour is our most popular. See the best this region has to offer! Go whale watching, explore the city of Victoria & visit the Butchart Gardens.

    Combine whale watching and one-way connections to downtown Victoria

    Ocean Magic

    In true comfort and style, explore the Salish Sea in search of the majestic wildlife that flood our waters

    Whale Sightings

    International Women’s Day

    Jennifer Dickson

    By Jennifer Dickson

    Today we celebrate International Women’s Day, a worldwide initiative to recognize women for their achievements, regardless of their area of expertise. Women play an important role in every sector and walk of life, and today is the day that we take a moment to acknowledge the vital role that humans who identify as women play in our society.

    At Prince of Whales we have a unique perspective to offer due to the fact that our industry has traditionally been male dominated. When you think of a marine worker, chances are you’re picturing a salty man, young or old, but almost certainly with a beard. And while having a beard is definitely a huge benefit for keeping your face warm, turns out it does not actually qualify you to operate a boat!

    Prior to the 1900’s, women on boats were quite rare, and often considered bad luck. The most common incidents of women on vessels involved being married to, or daughter of, the captain, or else a case of false identity, as many women would sneak aboard for work, pretending to be men. Either way, these women were not permitted in leadership roles. There are notable exceptions of course,

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