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Every whale watching adventure taken on our enclosed catamarans in Victoria includes a free Hi-Res photo package taken by our talented naturalists. This package will be sent to you as soon as your tour ends. Coming to Vancouver and Telegraph Cove soon!

Put your phone down and enjoy our adventure without missing a moment.

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Whale Watching is Only Half the Adventure

We are more than a whale watching and marine wildlife adventure organization. We are mariners, educators, entertainers, scientists, and conservationists. We have been family-owned and operated since day one.

From our downtown departure locations, we offer industry-leading whale watching tours in Vancouver, Victoria, Telegraph Cove, and Seattle. Prince of Whales is focused on sharing the beautiful and breathtaking coastal waters of British Columbia, its vibrant wildlife, and its rich history.

Half-Day Whale Watching

Departing from Granville Island in downtown Vancouver our high-speed, custom-built, luxury catamaran will take you on a 3- to 5-hour fully-guided whale watching & marine wildlife ...more

Half-Day Whale Watching

Departing from Telegraph Cove Resort aboard a 74-person semi-covered, custom-built express cruiser, this adventure will take you on a 3-hour fully-guided whale watching and marine wildlife viewing ...more

Zodiac Whale Watching

Departing from downtown Victoria aboard a 12-passenger open-air Zodiac-style boat, this adventure will take you on a 3-3.5 hour fully-guided whale watching & marine wildlife viewing tour. PLUS ORCAS EXHIBITION: Free at checkout with promo code FREEORCA ...more

Zodiac Whale Watching

Departing from Telegraph Cove Resort aboard a 12-passenger open-air Zodiac-style boat, this adventure will take you on a 3-3.5 hour fully-guided whale watching & marine wildlife viewing tour. Suit up in a Mustang Survival Suit, take a selfie, and get on ...more

Fly-Whales-Fly (Catamaran)

This customizable round-trip adventure will take you from downtown Vancouver to Victoria on a 35-minute one-way seaplane flight (Part 1). From here, you’ll board a custom-built 95-passenger, catamaran, embarking on a 3+ hour, fully-guided whale watching and ...more
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Prince of Whales COVID-19

Education, Video Blog
UPDATE July 15th, 2021  As of July 1st, we are now in Phase 3 of BC’s Restart Plan.   Canada wide travel is now allowed and encouraged! Join us in exploring the vast beauty our coast has to offer. ______________________  Credit to CrackerJack Flash for video production.   COVID-19 rules and service update.  General ship rules:... Read more »...

Whale & Wildlife Sightings of Telegraph Cove

Exploration, Weekly Blog, Whale Sightings
Telegraph Cove is home to numerous marine mammals, fish and sea life! From the moment we leave the dock we could start seeing wildlife. Wildlife we may get the opportunity to see include: Humpback Whales Killer Whales Dall’s Porpoise Pacific White-Sided Dolphins Stellar Sea Lions Harbour Seals Minke Whales Bald Eagles   Humpback Whales Humpback... Read more »...

Granville Island Getaway

Exploration, Promotion, Story, Weekly Blog
Before Granville Island became what it is today, it once was used as a local fishing area for First Nations tribes. These are the ancestral lands for three nations; the Musqueam, Squamish and Tsleil-Waututh peoples. Today it is a small tourist mecca offering a range of culture, art, food, shops, entertainment and adventure – the... Read more »...
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  • Reviews

    Wilma made the trip! I was very excited to go whale watching in Vancouver after all of the positive reviews I had heard about Prince of Whales.

    It did not disappoint!
    We had the ideal scenario for whale watching.
    The weather was perfect.
    The water was calm.

    We saw humpback whales (so close!), killer whales, porpoises and seals. An unforgettable experience.

    Wilma was our knowledgeable educator/host on the upper deck of the ship. (Sit on the upper deck of the ship). She was amazing. Not only does she care deeply about these animals, but her excitement and love of what she does is infectious. A rare gem.
    Thank you Wilma!

    I highly recommend Prince of Whales.

    Remember to Bring a warm wind resistant jacket!!!!! It really gets chilly out there.

    Posted on 9/04/2019 via TripAdvisor
  • Reviews

    Great trip My partner and I had an amazing time on this whale watching adventure. Was great seeing the whales and the other wildlife that the captain and crew pointed out for us.

    Posted on 7/12/2019 via TripAdvisor
  • Reviews

    Whale Watching We had an amazing day of whale watching, we were so impressed. we managed to see around 11 whales, both humpback and orcas. Next time I plan on going on a longer trip to have more time for photographing and watching each of the whales.

    Posted on 10/31/2019 via TripAdvisor
  • Reviews

    Great time whale watching Visiting from Arizona, we decided to explore the whale watching excursion from Prince of Whales. The captain and crew were great. We saw three humpback whales, seals, and other marine life. All of the crew were very knowledgeable and kept us informed during our half day. Our guide Wilma made the voyage very informative. Highly recommend.

    Posted on 8/28/2019 via TripAdvisor
  • Reviews

    Fantastic tour, staff is incredible, sights are even better What an amazing adventure we got! The boat for the half day tour is large and stable, with excellent viewing from basically every place on the boat. The team is clearly very experienced at sighting and traveling with the wildlife to get incredible views. We especially appreciated the care they took for the animals' well-being. It was clear that they put the animals welfare above our experience, which is very important.

    I really loved having the naturalists on board. I learned lots and loved that they put what we were seeing into context. Definitely worth the cost! The only thing that would make it better is having an option to add a tip to our card payment after the trip! A lot of folks just don't carry cash anymore.

    Posted on 10/29/2019 via TripAdvisor
  • Reviews

    Wonder of wonders Everything about this experience was wonderful and memorable. The Captain and crew were friendly, knowledgeable and professional. The sights of both water and surrounding land unforgettable. We witnessed both humpback whales and the ever popular orca. The crew’s knowledge of marine life was impressive. To observe these marine giants traveling in pods was breathtaking. My wife and I quit taking pictures so we could take in the entire experience.....the “pictures” in our minds will last a lifetime.

    Posted on 9/29/2019 via TripAdvisor
  • Reviews

    Fun day with whale watching! So fun and saw lots of whales!! Our guides and crew were great It was a beautiful day!! Kids had fun and we got some fantastic pictures!

    Posted on 7/28/2019 via TripAdvisor
  • Reviews

    Genuine West Coast Experience We set sail in style on the super comfy Salish Sea vessel. On our first stop alone we saw 6 different species of birds (not including the various gulls), and Naturalist Liz kept it super interesting with all of her Bald Eagle facts! From there we carried on further west where we encountered Transient Orca's and Resident Orca's within a few hundred meters of each other! What are the chances??? Captain Bill and First Mate Joe got reports of Humpback Whales and quickly set off in that direction, when we arrived they killed the engine so we could enjoy the sound of the Humpbacks breathing. Before we knew it we were literally surrounded by a dozen or more Humpbacks! It was incredibly magical. Thanks POW team!

    Posted on 9/23/2019 via TripAdvisor
  • Reviews

    Dream come true experience!! Dream come true for me today to see whales with this wonderful crew ! They were so knowledgeable and kind and friendly . Lily, Jennifer and Maia , Bill and Joe as captain and mate . We saw orca whales showing a bunch of behaviours and learned about them all . Felt safe the whole time ( boat wise and covid wise ). The gentleman that greeted us and talked to us before the whole adventure even began was also awesome ! Everyone was soooo nice! Truly a great experience I will never forget !

    Posted on 7/17/2020 via TripAdvisor
  • Reviews

    Once of a lifetime adventure I was a long afternoon but well worth it. We saw three pods of killer whales, Sea Lions and Hump back whales.

    Posted on 7/24/2019 via TripAdvisor