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Whale watching is only half the adventure

We are more than a whale watching and marine wildlife adventure organization. We are mariners, educators, entertainers, scientists, and conservationists. We have been family-owned and operated since day one.

From our downtown departure locations, we offer industry-leading whale watching tours in Vancouver, Victoria, Telegraph Cove, and Seattle. Prince of Whales is focused on sharing the beautiful and breathtaking coastal waters of British Columbia, its vibrant wildlife, and its rich history.

Half-Day Whale Watching

Departing from Granville Island in downtown Vancouver our high-speed, custom-built, luxury catamaran will take you on a 3- to 5-hour fully-guided whale watching & marine wildlife ...more

Half-Day Whale Watching

Departing from Telegraph Cove Resort aboard a 74-person semi-covered, custom-built express cruiser, this adventure will take you on a 3-hour fully-guided whale watching and marine wildlife viewing ...more

Zodiac Whale Watching

Departing from downtown Victoria aboard a 12-passenger open-air Zodiac-style boat, this adventure will take you on a 3-3.5 hour fully-guided whale watching & marine wildlife viewing ...more

Zodiac Whale Watching

Departing from Telegraph Cove Resort aboard a 12-passenger open-air Zodiac-style boat, this adventure will take you on a 3-3.5 hour fully-guided whale watching & marine wildlife viewing ...more

Fly-Whales-Fly (Catamaran)

This customizable round-trip adventure will take you from downtown Vancouver to Victoria on a 35-minute one-way seaplane flight (Part 1). From here, you’ll board a custom-built 95-passenger, catamaran, embarking on a 3+ hour, fully-guided whale watching and ...more
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Whale & Wildlife Sightings of Telegraph Cove

Exploration, Weekly Blog, Whale Sightings
Telegraph Cove is home to numerous marine mammals, fish and sea life! From the moment we leave the dock we could start seeing wildlife. Wildlife we may get the opportunity to see include: Humpback Whales Killer Whales Dall’s Porpoise Pacific White-Sided Dolphins Stellar Sea Lions Harbour Seals Minke Whales Bald Eagles   Humpback Whales Humpback... Read more »...

Granville Island Getaway

Exploration, Promotion, Story, Weekly Blog
Before Granville Island became what it is today, it once was used as a local fishing area for First Nations tribes. These are the ancestral lands for three nations; the Musqueam, Squamish and Tsleil-Waututh peoples. Today it is a small tourist mecca offering a range of culture, art, food, shops, entertainment and adventure – the... Read more »...

Tales of Telegraph Cove

Exploration, Promotion, Story, Weekly Blog
Nestled in a bay along the northern coastline of Vancouver Island, on the traditional land of the Namgis First Nation, lies a small village known as Telegraph Cove. The name was coined by Alfred Maemaduke in 1912 and referred to the telegraph lineman’s station that pioneers, loggers and others of industry would use. Today, Telegraph... Read more »...
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  • Reviews

    Really great 5 hrs My family (3 adults, 8yr old & 4yr old)took this half day tour in July 2019. It was wonderful. From Canada Place, we got to experience Vancouver's light rail train to the Science center then a water taxi to Granville Island. The kids had never been on a boat so the water taxi was a good first exposure. Finding Prince of Whales on Granville Island was the only issue. There's a lot of stuff on that tiny island. Once our trip tone came, it was easy breezy. They gathered is outside their office for a quick chat of what to expect then we walked a couple block to the dock to get on the boat. The top level of the boat filled quickly but underneath was a good option for us. The side panels of the boat were open so we could see very clearly. We drove out into the ocean for about an hour. The water was very calm so it was a very smooth ride for my stomach sensitive husband. The kids also had no issues. We first spotted so sea lions sunning and playing around a rock in the water, then we saw 2 pods of Killer Whales, and then a couple humpback whales and a lone bald eagle in a tree. On each portion of the boat, there were very knowledgeable naturalists that narrated what we were seeing. They were able to give us general animal information but also specific to the individual animals we saw. They had so much information. And as we moved around the boat, we heard different information from each guide so we know it wasn't rehearsed generic rhetoric. After all the animal sitings we headed back to Granville Island then to the water taxi, to the train and then back to Canada place.

    I think my kids may have been a little too young for such a long activity. Even our animal loving 8yr old got bored with the duration. Us adults thought it was great.

    Our trip was from 2pm to 7pm. Everything in Granville Island seemed to close around 6 so catching a water taxi was not a problem but there were loads of people waiting to get on one. Also at the end of False Creek near the Science center there was a lot of activity but we chose not to stay and have dinner there because we noticed on the way there that the area near the train, we didn't necessarily want to be around there after dark.

    Fun day trip, I would do it again to see what else we may see.

    Interesting side note, one of our fellow passengers was telling us that her family had actually booked for the outing to occur the day before but when they arrived, they were warned that the water was very choppy and rough that day so if you were prone to seasickness it may be good idea to get a refund or reschedule. Our fellow passenger decided to reschedule her trip. I think that the company who offers that to their customers is a stand-up outfit whose not only interested in making a buck off the public. Good for them!

    Posted on 7/20/2019 via TripAdvisor
  • Reviews

    Einfach nur atemberaubend schön Wir haben heute morgen die halbtägige Tour auf einem Boot von PRINCE OF WHALES gemacht und es war einfach toll!! Alles ist super organisiert, alles wird von Guides vorher erklärt. Das Boot hatte zwei Etagen, wir saßen oben auf der Ebene hinter dem Kapitän. Die Sitzbänke sind mit Polstern ausgelegt.
    Auf unserem Deck war Wilma unser Guide, sie hat alles toll kommentiert und ist enthusiastisch, was sehr ansteckend ist. Ihr zuzuhören, während sie Dinge erklärte, machte viel Spaß.
    Irgendwann entdeckten wir dann Buckelwale, und es waren gleich vier!!
    Einige Male tauchten sie direkt neben dem Boot wieder auf zum Atmen, es war ein genialer Anblick!!!
    Wenn wir mal wieder in Vancouver sind, werden wir die Tagestour nach Victoria buchen.
    Vielen Dank an Wilma für die mitreißende Performance und die tollen Informationen!!! Es war ein interessanter und kurzweiliger Trip!!! 👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍

    Posted on 9/07/2019 via TripAdvisor
  • Reviews

    What a beautiful day On the best weather day of our too short a trip to Vancouver we took the ultimate whale watching and trip to Victoria and had a fabulous time. We were lucky enough to see several whales just bobbing along together. Stopped in Victoria for a lovely lunch before popping of to Butchart Gardens which was beautiful and caught the boat back . Tired but happy great crew thank you xx

    Posted on 6/25/2019 via TripAdvisor
  • Reviews

    Just Amazing!! Today we went on the afternoon sail of whale watching! We were running a bit behind finding parking and with my grandma who is a bit slower of walking, we called and explained our situation and that we would be there and the staff said not a problem! We got down to the boat by 12:10. The staff were so friendly and understanding to help us in anyway possible!! Remarkable!! Captain Chris and the crew were just amazing! The amount of whales we saw today even impressed the crew! We saw about 8 different whales today! Suck knowledgeable staff and all around amazing!! Thank you thank you thank!! Definitely will be back!!

    Posted on 7/06/2019 via TripAdvisor
  • Reviews

    Great experience all around! The company was respectful of the environment and it's inhabitants. They provided comfort and safety in a relaxed atmoshere. Valerie is charming and extremely informative! We were lucky to have sightings of many different animals but even if we had not the trip and knowledgeable staff would have been enough. Deck hand Roy was generous with his excellent photography. It was an overall joy!

    Posted on 6/20/2019 via TripAdvisor
  • Reviews

    An experience beyond imagination. Exceeded excellence. What an incredible experience from staff, to guide, ease, and comfort!
    And the perfect finale was a humpback whale in full breach caught on Camera by Marie O'Shaughnessy -a passionate photographer- on board who shared precious treasures with all the passengers. A very emotional experience.
    Laura was a wonderful guide. Reached out to all of us together, and independently. As did Captain Chris whilst Shawnee kept providing updates.

    Posted on 7/06/2019 via TripAdvisor
  • Reviews

    Awesome Adventure I definitely recommend to do this activity. The crew was really knowledgeable about the wildlife in question, really polite and made sure everyone was comfortable while on this trip.

    Posted on 11/05/2019 via TripAdvisor
  • Reviews

    Amazing What an awesome experience on the 12.15 sailing 28th June
    Lilly, val and Laura worked out that we saw 4 families and over 20 orcas socializing, breaching and tail slapping
    Very grateful to the Orcas for the display but especially grateful to the two Captains and the ladies for getting us to the whales and their very knowledgeable commentary
    What a way to finish our holiday in Canada

    Posted on 6/28/2019 via TripAdvisor
  • Reviews

    Amazing experience This was our first time whale watching and the Prince of Whales crew did an amazing job ensuring it was one to remember. They were all extremely knowledgeable and friendly, ready to answer any questions and provide an unforgettable experience. Thank you all!

    Posted on 9/28/2019 via TripAdvisor
  • Reviews

    INCREDIBLE You have to do this while you’re in Vancouver. Best attraction in the city by far. Great info from the naturalists and we got to see humpback whales and killer whales all in the same trip.

    Posted on 8/19/2019 via TripAdvisor