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Early Bird Special

British Columbia’s Most Spectacular Marine Wildlife Adventures.

We offer all out adventure or maximum comfort adventures year round, get ready for the Adventure of a Lifetime! We are proud leaders in responsible whale watching and have a strong passion for educating guests from all over the world about the wonders and the fragility of the Salish Sea.

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Butchart Gardens

Combine two of Victoria’s ‘must do’ activities, whale watching & the Butchart Gardens!

Feel the wind in your hair on this exhilarating adventure exploring the Salish Sea in search of the majestic wildlife that flood our waters

In true comfort and style, explore the Salish Sea in search of the majestic wildlife that flood our waters

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There is a good reason why this tour is our most popular. See the best this region has to offer! Go whale watching, explore the city of Victoria & visit the Butchart Gardens.

Combine whale watching and one-way connections to downtown Victoria

Ocean Magic

In true comfort and style, explore the Salish Sea in search of the majestic wildlife that flood our waters

Whale Sightings

Humpback who reversed the extinction of local population, returns for 17th season

Jennifer Dickson

By Jennifer Dickson

Big Mama Photo by Marie O'Shaughnessy

To whale watching professionals, she is known as Big Mama; to passengers, she is a blow and a pair of flukes; and to the ecosystem, she’s a game-changer. Prince of Whales Whale Watching is thrilled to confirm, once again, the arrival of a famous humpback whale, to the interior waters of Southern British Columbia and Northern Washington State.

“The Salish Sea is an amazing body of water,” said Prince of Whales Head Naturalist Jennifer Dickson. “In addition to its spectacular ecological diversity and marine mammal density, we have an incredibly dedicated group of skilled and passionate whale watchers and researchers who come out here, year after year, and document who they see. At this point, Big Mama has become a legend.”

The Salish Sea is the body of water containing Puget Sound, Juan de Fuca Strait, Haro Strait, Rosario Strait, and Georgia Strait. It’s unique topography and climate, combined with nutrient rich waters, sustain habitat for numerous marine mammal species, including the most often seen resident orcas, Bigg’s orcas, Grey whales, Minke whales, California sea lions, Steller sea lions, harbour seals, elephant seals, harbour porpoise, Dall’s porpoise. Likewise, the humpback whale flock here to rest and feed.

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