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A Remarkable 2023 Season in Vancouver
November 29, 2023

A Remarkable 2023 Season in Vancouver


The 2023 season for Prince of Whales Whale Watching truly unfolded as a spectacular journey through the wonders of the Salish Sea. The encounters with marine life were nothing short of extraordinary, leaving a lasting impression on both guests and crew.

Playful Breaches and Synchronized Swimming

The season was marked by awe-inspiring moments, with whales showcasing rare and captivating behaviors. One standout event was a day when a particular whale breached more than 52 times, offering a mesmerizing display of its playful nature. Synchronized swimming sessions with another fellow humpback further added to the magic, providing an intimate look into the intricate lives of these marine giants.

Return of Familiar Faces and New Beginnings

As the season unfolded, many familiar whales made their annual return, showcasing a sense of loyalty to the waters that Prince of Whales Whale Watching calls home. The thrill was heightened by sightings of whales with new calves, a testament to the natural cycle of life in these rich marine ecosystems. For seasoned naturalists, witnessing whales that once roamed these waters as teenagers returning with their own offspring was truly magical.

Humpbacks’ Lunge Feeding Spectacle

The luck of the season extended to witnessing Humpbacks engaging in lunge-feeding sessions like never before. These majestic creatures displayed their impressive feeding techniques, providing guests with a front-row seat to the marvels of nature. The intricate dance between the whales and their surroundings showcased the delicate balance of life in our coastal waters.

Unforgettable Orcas/Humpbacks Interaction

One of the season’s highlights if not the main one was a rare two-hour interaction between Orcas and Humpbacks. The drama unfolded as the Humpbacks pursued a pod of Orcas that had just made a kill. The intensity and emotion of the encounter captured the attention of both guests and the wider community, making headlines. Prince of Whales Whale Watching had the privilege of offering a front-row seat to this extraordinary event, cementing the 2023 season as truly remarkable.

Farewelling an unforgettable season, Prince of Whales Whale Watching reflects on sharing magical moments. The 2023 season is a testament to the beauty and unpredictability of Salish Sea nature, leaving all with a renewed appreciation for its wonders.

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