Sightings Report August 15

August 15, 2014

Today was a lovely, consistent day, with no specific surprises or challenges.

The fog we’ve been struggling with the last few days has cleared and conditions were perfect for finding whales. Which we did, on every trip!

Ocean Magic left Vancouver with Anthony, Brittany, and Sharon aboard, and they quickly followed up on reports of resident killer whales in Haro Strait! After spotting lots of harbour seals in English Bay it was on to the whales, where Ocean Magic was the first boat on scene! They quickly picked up L87, J39, J49, and several other members of J-pod who have been seen in the area recently.

Spotting these guys so quickly gave OM lots of time to swing by Mandarte Island, which is a spectacular bird sanctuary!

The crew of Ocean Magic II also found whales immediately into our first trip. Scott, myself, Claire and Rhonda were zipping out towards the last place we saw a humpback whales yesterday when a passengers spotted a blow off the one side. We circled back and saw Split Fin! He was taking a snooze, so after a few surfaces we decided to keep moving and keep looking…

And we found 5 more humpbacks! But the highlight was a mother and calf pair. We’re not 100% sure who they were but the calf was displaying what Scott called “youthful exuberance” and cartwheeled several times as my passengers watched and “Oooooh”ed.

Ocean Magic II and zodiac skippers Rush, Bo, Matt W., and Torin, continued to watch the mother and calf throughout the day, with the other humpbacks in the area regularly paying visits before travelling through.

On our last trip these guys really started to show off and did some synchronized diving and cartwheeling!

Let’s hope the fog stays away and the whales stay and play! Come out with us tomorrow and see.

By Jennifer Dickson