Happy New Year 2015!

January 1, 2015

Happy 2015! This year has already started out with a bang. We’re sitting at a 100% success rate for 2015! Ok, I know, six days in, that’s not all that impressive, but we like to be optimistic. We’ve had two trips out and both of them were treated to a spectacular look at humpback whales!

On January 1st we had six thrilled passengers fight their hangovers and join Skipper Mark on his zodiac, the Queen of Hearts. The day was sunny, and a bit windy but these guys were gung ho.

Mark took them west. Waaaay west. Farther than we can go on a standard three hour trip. But that’s the beauty of our winter trips; because there’s not another set of passengers waiting on the dock for the next trip, we can go as long and as far as it takes to find whales. We just have a bit more flexibility in the winter, and it works the other way as well. If conditions are miserable and everyone is cold, sometimes it’s more fun for everyone if we come back a bit early.

So, what did they find? Well, a humpback, I mentioned that. But not just one. Or two. Or three. They saw six! That’s an amazing day any day, and incredible for a winter wildlife trip!

Every year we learn more about the movements of our largest cetacean, but I think everyone is surprised with the frequency we’ve been seeing humpbacks this winter.

Not complaining though! Because the next day, Mark took out another six passengers, and did it again! Six humpbacks, way out west. That’s one whale per passenger! Conditions were a little trickier as the wind stayed up, and brought in buckets of rain, but Amy (who works in the office) said she has never seen people who are so wet, so happy!

Going west means a stop at Race Rocks as well, which is always a delight. Harbour seals, California sea lions and Steller sea lions are the cherry on top of a super day.

We need to reach a minimum of six passengers before we can send a boat, and we’ve already got 4 booked for tomorrow so it’s looking good! Conditions are also supposed to be spectacular: no wind and maybe even a little sunshine!

Call the office to reserve you spot and help us confirm that boat!

By Jennifer Dickson