Ocean Magic Adventure June 5 12:15

June 6, 2011

Our 12:15 Ocean Magic Adventure on June the 5 was set on on flat calm seas with nothing but sunshine. Capt. Scott had us headed south to a report of a Humpback whale. We joined one of our zodiacs on scene five miles south of Victoria and watched a Humpback Whale. This female Humpback has been returning to our waters for the past few years. It was a very peaceful experience to view this gentle giant of the deep. The sun would sparkle off her back as she broke the still water. We then took a tour of Race Rocks Ecological Reserve. Here there were California Sealions, Harbour Seals, Elephant Seals, and a variety of sea birds. We then had a wonderful encounter with a large group of Harbour Porpoise. They were in every direction, as we drifted off the west side of Race Rocks, they broke the surface in small groups. Up to six feet long and weighing around 160lbs, these animals put on a great show. Just a perfect afternoon on the water with plenty to see, yet another great wildlife adventure with Prince of Whales!
Clint “Orcawizard”, Marie “Orca-Magic”