Ocean Magic Adventure March 19, 2011

March 23, 2011

It was a gorgeous afternoon when Capt. Anthony and crew members, Mika and Dan headed the Ocean Magic out of the harbour and turned west. After only 20 mins of travel, we were pleasantly surprised to encounter a foraging Gray Whale just off the Victoria waterfront. We watched this large Baleen Whale take 2-3 breaths at the surface and then lift its ‘ Flukes ‘ to indicate it was heading down for a deep dive. We watched with interest for a while and then received word that Orca had been seen at the north end of Haro Strait. We left the Gray whale and headed east and then north under blue skies. The calm water made for a comfortable ride so our guests were able to catch sight of a few Steller Sea lions and Dall’s Porpoise chasing after fish. We found the picturesque scenery stunning on route. Our black and white friends, the ORCA, were soon encountered. These were some of the members of J Pod, the fish eating killer whales that frequent these waters. They were observed to be traveling very slowly, in a resting formation, heading toward Boundary Pass. On two occasions we saw ‘spy-hop’ behaviours by youngsters. It was a magical moment and privilege to watch these charismatic, marine mammals, file past . Several skeins of Mergansers flew overhead on our return trip. Our guests were delighted with their Saturday afternoon adventure on this bright sunny day, the last one of winter !
Marie, ‘Orca-Magic’ and Clint, ‘Orcawizard’.
Please note, all of the photographs are taken with telephoto lenses and are heavily cropped.