Ocean Magic Adventure May 3

May 10, 2011

We set sail on a windy afternoon with Capt. Gord in the wheelhouse. Our vessel headed east from the harbour and encountered some intrepid souls negotiating the wind and the waves while para-surfing. We soon encountered some Dall’s Porpoise while traveling north up Haro Strait in search of Orca. The wind and waves soon abated and our crew of Naturalists, Mika and Liz announced to the guests on board, that Orca had been reported near Pender Island. We found members of J Pod Orca heading north past Turn Point. ‘ J 2, ‘Granny ‘, J Pod’s oldest female celebrating 100 yrs of age this year, appeared to be in the lead, with J 8 and L 87. J 28 and her youngster J 46 were also seen with other young members of this Pod.J 27, ‘ Blackberry ‘, a 20yr old male showed off his tall straight dorsal fin as he swam by. A pair of Bald Eagles were also seen on a small island. It was a great encounter once again with these magical creatures, the ‘ ORCA’ that ply the waters of the picturesque Pacific Northwest.
Marie, ‘ Orca-Magic. ‘
All these photos are taken with 300mm lens and cropped for best internet viewing.