Ocean Magic Adventure Nov 3 12:15

November 3, 2010

The Ocean Magic set sail out of the Victoria Harbour at 12.15pm with Capt. Anna at the helm. Scott and Dan were are Naturalists for the afternoon and they shared their knowledge with our guests. Several visitors from The USA and Europe were on board to enjoy the magic of the wildlife here on the coast. Sunshine was the order of the day and we had whales… the really big ones! Humpback whales were seen south and west of Victoria. We observed two initially taking deep dives and lifting their Flukes high so we could see the unique colouration on the underside before they dove. Off in the distance three more were observed traveling together. A mother and her calf and a familiar 4 year old called ‘Split-fin’. Another two Humpback Whales showed up not far off Race Rocks Ecological Reserve. It was amazing to see these behemoths foraging for small schooling fish below the surface. To complete our wildlife adventure, we took in the sights and sounds of the Harbour Seals, and Steller Sea Lions all lounging on favourite rocks at Race Rocks Lighthouse. There were plenty of sea birds on the surface of the water including small Bonaparte’s Gull on their migration. It was incredible to see 7 Humpback Whales in a three hour wildlife adventure with Prince of Whales.
Marie, Orca-Magic.