Ocean Magic Adventure Oct 12 12:15

October 12, 2010

Today on this October day (but what felt like a spring or summer day) Captain Gordon and crew departed for the Juan de Fuca Strait where we found transient killer whales and they were on long drives. From there we decided to check out the Race Rocks ecological reserve where passengers got a look at the seals, sealions and bird life there. We then departed to find humpback whales, a mother and calf pair swimming calmly together. Not far from them were the T2’s transient killer whales. The group contained adults with one bull and a calf. They split into two groups and appeared to be in a foraging behavior, although we did not see any predation at the surface. After enjoying the perfect sunshine and awesome viewing conditions, we finalized our trip by checking out the Gray whale who was hanging around Enterprise channel and very close to the Victoria shoreline. Today was a perfect October day.