Ocean Magic Adventure Oct 13 12:15

October 13, 2010

Every trip out there is unique. Today, I was able to encounter a few things I have never encountered in all the years I have been whale watching. To start out, the weather was perfect, blue skies, warm, flat calm seas – just like glass. We eagerly headed out of the inner harbour to look for killer whales at San Juan Island. Along the way, we saw many Dalls porpoises who were quite playful and in groups. We also saw harbour porpoises who are the smaller grey porpoise. Today was a perfect day for photographing their sleek black and white bodies. We continued on and found several minke whales feeding east of Beaumont Shoals. We observed a very large fish ball where many birds and gulls congregated, then all of a sudden the birds dispersed and a minke whale appeared in the centre of the bait ball, smart whale! We continued to the south end of San Juan Island where there were 3 humpbacks and members of Lpod spread apart inshore and offshore. Today was the first time that I have seen humpbacks and orcas together and managed to get them in a photo and video clip as well. It wasn’t long until one humpback became very active and was tail slapping and breaching. That whale was identified as “Bart” or “Split fin” a 4 year old juvenile humpback whale who we usually see during summer and fall months just south of Victoria. It appears that our humpback whale friends jogged east over to where the southern residents like to hangout, quite rare and a treat for us all including residents of San Juan Island. We departed for Victoria and picked up our famous gray whale heading west along the Victoria shoreline in Ross Bay. Today was one of those record days where we were blessed with all 6 of the cetacean species in our oceans in one 3 hour trip.