Ocean Magic Adventure Oct 14 12:15

October 14, 2010

Capt. Anna headed the 12.15pm Ocean Magic west of the harbour to encounter three Humpback Whales that had been reported off shore, east of Race Rocks. It was one of those grey, October days however there were plenty of visitors to the west coast that wanted to board the Ocean Magic vessel, to seek and enjoy some of the incredible wildlife to be found in these waters. Conditions were relatively calm this afternoon so it wasn’t long before we saw the big bushy blows of these huge whales. Two adult Humpbacks were taking long dives and then surfacing for four to five breaths. They would lift their majestic flukes high in the air and then down they would dive. We could see another smaller Humpback off in the distance so we headed over to watch this young calf forage for a while, then headed to Race Rocks Ecological Reserve to enjoy the many Steller and California Sea Lions lounging on various rocks. There were many sea birds on rocks and in the water this afternoon, adding interest to yet another great wildlife adventure with ‘Prince of Whales ‘.
Marie, Orca-Magic.