Ocean Magic Adventure Oct 6 12:15

October 6, 2010

Today with perfect weather conditions (again) captain Anna Hall and her crew set off in search of whales. We learned that Lpod was making their way across the Victoria waterfront and were westbound in addition to that, there were a handful of humpback whales also sighted in the Juan de Fuca Strait. We were not even 15 minutes out of the inner harbour when we came across 1 humpback whale known as Bart or Split Fin (named because his dorsal has a particular shape). He seemed to be busy milling about, we stayed with him for a few mins. We headed south to Race Rocks where passengers were introduced to the various sealions and seals and the ecological reserve and light house. Several sealions were splashing about in the water, jumping and hanging out in groups. We proceeded to the east where members of Lpod were westbound in the Juan de Fuca Strait. We had a surprise pass by one of the larger males L89 who I just luckily managed to capture on video. We stayed with them watching them travel, some in groups others quite spread apart. Several lunges and tail slaps were observed. We then departed the orcas and found two other humpback whales milling as well. Again we didn’t have to drive much further until we found Bart aka Split fin milling about. The weather conditions were perfect today and we were completely spoiled to find such an abundance of cetaceans and marine life all across the Victoria waterfront. I must say, I am so grateful and I do feel rather spoiled!!!