Ocean Magic Adventure Oct 7 12:15

October 7, 2010

Today the ocean magic set out in search of orca. On route to San Juan Island, we crossed several groups of harbour porpoises. These are small grey cetaceans who resemble a small dolphin. We arrived at Hein Bank where we observed a Minke whale which is a baleen whale about 30 feet in length. The animal was milling about and seemed to be in a feeding mode. We carried on to the Lime Kiln park area of San Juan Island where we observed members of Jpod and Lpod heading south. I noticed Ruffles (J1) traveling alone along the shoreline, I wonder if those people at Lime Kiln got a good look at him. Passengers on board got a good look at a few large males including; Gaia (L78) and Blackberry (J27) amongst other orcas such as Wave walker (L88). Thanks to Marie who had her orca chart with her today and was able to ID some of the animals we observed. It’s pretty awesome to see the orcas hanging around their favorite stomping grounds in October, hope we have many more days with them this year 🙂