Ocean Magic Adventure Oct 8 12:15

October 8, 2010

Our skipper, Capt. Scott slipped the Ocean Magic from its slip in Victoria’s inner harbour, and took us out into the wild blue of the strait of Juan De Fuca, Here he put us in perfect position to view one of nature wonders, the Transient Orca, or Killer Whale. This was T14 Pender, and adult Male Killer Whale. He travels the waters of Vancouver Island, in search of his favorite food, harbour seals. We enjoyed his presence, and view him as he worked the clear water off Victoria. Capt Scott then took us to view not one, not two but three Humpback Whales. This mother and calf were being shadowed by an adult male. The three were working the water, playing and rising for air. It was a joy to watch them swim the water and raise their tales for deep dives. Always a pleasure to see these gentle giants of our oceans. Our crew of Rhonda, Mika and Dan filled our passengers with information and their love of our marine wildlife came through in every word. Our trip then took us to Race Rocks Ecological Reserve, here Stellar Sea Lions, California Sea Lions and Harbour Seals were in abundance. Yet another wonderful marine wildlife adventure with Prince of Whales.
Clint “Orcawizard” and Marie “Orca-Magic”