Ocean Magic Adventure Sept 16 12:15

September 16, 2010

We departed today on the 12:15 departure and headed south into the Juan de Fuca Strait. Captain Anna got word that there were killer whales inbound heading east to San Juan Island so we headed out first in search of humpbacks while seeing the odd harbour porpoise or two. We made our way over to observe 2 of 4 humpbacks in the area. It appeared to be a mother and calf, I do recognize the one larger humpback from previous years. They were fairly relaxed swimming calmly together showing us their magnificent tails. Next it was onto Race Rocks where passengers got a glimpse in the fog of the lighthouse and the sealions and seals hauled out on the rocks. There was a lone Osprey sitting on the rocks as well. We then made our way back to Victoria where Lpod was passing the Gonzales and Oak Bay areas. The animals mainly swam together in large groups, with spyhops, breaching and tail slapping along the way. I was fairly lucky today to catch Mega L41 breach not far from the boat, managed to get some decent photos – see the slide show. Guests were treated to an amazing abundance of wildlife viewing today, right in our own back yard of Victoria, we are so blessed.