Ocean Magic Adventure Sept 21 12:15

September 21, 2010

Here is Tuesdays Sept 21st, Wildlife Adventure.

Charter of the OrcaSpirit company vessel, ‘ Pacific Explorer ‘

The Capt and crew of the ‘Pacific Explorer’ Chartered by Prince of Whales, headed out of the harbour at 12.15pm and turned west in search of marine mammals. In these cold and very rich waters that wash the shoreline of BC, it isn’t hard to find the amazing variety of animals that frequent this area. Our search took us out to the Sooke area where the rugged scenery is quite spectacular. We found a mother and her calf Humpback Whale busy foraging together. This mother has returned to these waters for the past 3 years bringing back a new calf each year, before migrating, possibly across the Pacific Ocean to Hawaii. Many Humpback whales that pass through these waters travel down the coast to spend their winter in the warmer waters off Baja, Mexico. Mother and calf took long dives and would surface close to one another giving all the guests on board great looks at these ‘ gentle giants ‘. A fog bank blew in making visibility a little tricky so we headed back toward the east where we stopped off to view the Steller and California Sea Lions at Race Rocks Ecological Reserve. It was another exciting adventure yet again where the crew shared their knowledge of the marine life with the guests on board.
Marie, Orca-Magic