Ocean Magic Adventure Sept 8 3:30

September 8, 2010

Today’s Ocean Magic 3:30 trip found us only minutes from the Victoria inner harbour. Turns out that members of L & K pod were on the move across the waterfront eastbound towards San Juan Island. At first they were very spread apart, but did group up and started traveling quickly speed porpoising out of the water, it was an awesome sight! Big males porpoising out of the water together is such a momentous encounter. The animals crossed Victoria and continued past Discovery Island. Some breaches were seen by 1 big male (see photos) as well as more awesome group porpoising including one little wee one who would pop out of the water on their own (see video).

While repositioning the vessel, we stopped to look at a Stellar sealion who was busy feeding on some fish, and would also fling the fish around and tease the seagulls. We then caught up for another look at the last group of traveling killer whales, there were many whales in the area. After having a wonderful time with the killer whales, we ventured south west into the strait in search of humpbacks! Low and behold we found my favorite humpback whale (known as Bart who has a split fin) who was probably with his mother together lounging about. It’s amazing for me to see my favorite baleen cetacean and to know that he has returned again – this will be his 4th year in our area. Awesome trip!