Ocean Magic Marine Wildlife Adventure July 1

July 4, 2013

With sunny clear skies above and many international guests on board, the 12.15pm Ocean Magic II vessel headed into the windy afternoon off Victoria Harbour. We travelled south east in search of wildlife as the winds were blowing in from the west. We were able to locate the Transients, 4 Orca south of Trial Island. The T72 (male) with the T73As (a mother with two offspring). It was thrilling to watch these apex predators, moms and her youngsters, taking quick breaths at the surface and then disappearing for long dives, always sig-zagging, as Transient’s apt to do. This behaviour always leaves us wondering where the whales would surface next. Despite the inclement weather this afternoon, all our guests benefited from the shared knowledge and experience of our crew members, Mika and Jen. Capt. Jeff in the wheelhouse, brought us back to the dock where our happy guests disembarked.

Clint “Orcawizard”, Marie “Orca Magic”

Most of the images on the blog are shot with a 400 mm & 600 mm telephoto lenses. Because of our restrictions around wildlife (100+ meters), we use powerful lenses to better share orca activity that passengers see on their trips. Keep in mind this also heavily compresses space between objects. We also crop images for best blog viewing.