Ocean Magic Marine Wildlife Adventure July 26 9am

July 30, 2013

Our 9am Ocean Magic Wildlife Adventure was amazing. Sunny skies, calm water, and Orca! Our Skipper Jeff, took out of Victoria’s Inner Harbour and out off the waterfront in search of whales. We first searched east, then headed west to catch up to Transient Orca. The Killer Whales were headed north west, into the incoming tide, they would rise five to six times for air, then take a longer dive for 4 to 5 minutes. These magnificent apex predators are the mammal eating Orca. They diet consists of harbour seal, sea lions, porpoise, elephant seals and other whales. We watched as they made their way past Race Rocks and out towards the open Pacific Ocean. Our crew of Casey and Jen answered all our guests questions and passed along a vast amount of information on the diverse eco-system. Yet another amazing adventure with Prince of Whales!

Clint “Orcawizard”

Most of the images on the blog are shot with a 400 mm & 600 mm telephoto lenses. Because of our restrictions around wildlife (100+ meters), we use powerful lenses to better share orca activity that passengers see on their trips. Keep in mind this also heavily compresses space between objects. We also crop images for best blog viewing.