Ocean Magic Marine Wildlife Adventure Oct 14

October 20, 2013

Under sunny skies, the Ocean Magic set out for an adventure. With Capt Jeff in the wheel-house this afternoon, and a crew of experienced Biologist and Naturalists we were in for a real treat. Casey, Jen and Rhonda, were on board to enhance our experience in the waters south of Victoria. Our first encounter with the fascinating wildlife was a humpback whale. We watched as this gentle giant rose for a few breaths then showed tail as it dove deep. We the followed the shoreline west as we searched for more wildlife. We found a second Humpback and watched as it rose for air and to show its massive tail. We then took a tour of Race Rocks Ecological Reserve where we saw Harbour Seals, California and Steller Sealions jockeying for the best position on the rocks. The Lighthouse here was first lit on Boxing Day, 1850, but is now automated. Yet another exciting trip with Prince of Whales.

Clint “Orcawizard”

Most of the images on the blog are shot with a 400 mm & 600 mm telephoto lenses. Because of our restrictions around wildlife (100+ meters), we use powerful lenses to better share orca activity that passengers see on their trips. Keep in mind this also heavily compresses space between objects. We also crop images for best blog viewing.