Ocean Magic Marine Wildlife Adventure Sept 30

October 3, 2012

The Ocean Magic Marine Wildlife Adventure today was amazing. Our skipper, Anthony, headed us west to encounter a large group of Transient Orca. These Apex predators were working their way east towards Race Rocks Ecological Reserve. As they approached the Race Rocks area we could see lots of Stellar Sealions and California Sealions out in the water feeding on salmon. With all this action in the water it was not long before the Orca started to feed on Sealions. We watched as they began chasing and working on a Stellar Sealion. The Transient Orca put on a very powerful display as they porpoised and breached to get at their prey. Just an amazing display for us all to view. We then took a tour of Race Rocks Ecological Reserve and took in it vast array of wildlife. The Stellar and California Sealions were hauled out on the rocks, The small Harbour Seals were also out resting on the rocks. This was a great trip, and our passengers were all smiles as they departed back in Victoria’s inner harbour.

Most of the images on the blog are shot with a 400 mm & 600 mm telephoto lenses. Because of our restrictions around wildlife (100+ meters), we use powerful lenses to better share orca activity that passengers see on their trips. Keep in mind this also heavily compresses space between objects. We also crop images for best blog viewing.