Ocean Magic Wildlife Adventure July 29 3:30

August 1, 2011

With the wind up, the seas were rather choppy this Friday late afternoon, but we knew there were whales out there and sure enough our trip at 3.30pm found some of the Southern Resident Orca, fish eaters, coming in from the west. Capt Gord and crew members, Mika, Brandon and Mckyla set the boat in a great position so that the guests on board could really appreciate these magnificent marine mammals as they swam by. The late afternoon light and angle gave the exhalation ‘blows’ of the orca a rainbow effect. One or two enthusiastic individuals thrilled us with their amazing breaches. We had members of L Pod , the L 12’s and L22’s and L 85, porpoising and traveling fast toward Haro Strait. There appeared to be approximately 10 animals, that were really spread out. On our return we found some Harbour Seals lounging on a rock close to Chatham and Discovery Islands. What a fantastic trip our Prince of Whales crew provided, full of interesting information for our guests
Marie, Orca-Magic.

Most of the images on the blog are shot with a 400 mm telephoto lens. Because of our restrictions around wildlife (100+ meters), we use powerful lenses to better share orca activity that passengers see on their trips. Keep in mind this also heavily compresses space between objects. We also crop images for best blog viewing.