Ocean Magic Wildlife Adventure May 19

May 20, 2011

With exceptional visibility, sunshine and blue skies, the Ocean Magic left the harbour and headed south east toward Hein Bank. Capt Gord , and crew members, Mika, Liz and Brandon made this a special trip for our guests on board, sharing a wealth of knowledge of the marine life to be found in these rich, cold waters. We were able to find a Minke whale, a Baleen whale, off San Juan Island busy foraging below the surface for schooling fish. Bird life was plentiful and could be seen above the surface where bait balls gathered. Gulls, Common Murres, and Rhinoceros Auklets congregated in large numbers. A pair of White-winged Scoters and three Black Oystercatchers added more bird views near Chatham and Discovery Islands. A visit to Whale rock provided good looks at lounging Harbour Seals and swimming Steller Sea Lions. Mt.Baker, in Washington State, rose majestically on the horizon. A good dose of sunshine and wildlife viewing is what Prince of Whales provided today and we weren’t disappointed.
Marie ‘Orca-Magic’