Ocean Magic Wildlife Adventure May 21 12:15pm

May 24, 2011

It was a great afternoon Saturday, May 21st to be on the water again. Capt Scott of the 12.15 pm Ocean Magic, and crew members Mika, Liz and Dan took our guests south east into American waters. Even with a little cloud cover we were in for a real treat. J Pod, salmon eating ‘Southern Resident Orca ‘ were heading slowly around the south end of San Juan Island and up the Channel toward Friday Harbour. We watched this pod of whales travel together close to shore, with youngsters frolicking. We observed breach, spyhop and tail lob behaviours. The tall dorsal fins of the male orca were very visible in the calm waters. As Whale Rock was close by, we made a visit to see the many harbour seals lounging on rocks and a lone Steller Sea Lion. A good numbers of cormorants were roosting at this site too. Our guests really enjoyed their wildlife trip and embraced the west coast experience with ‘Prince of Whales’.
Marie ‘Orca-Magic’