Ocean Magic Wildlife Adventure May 25

May 27, 2011

Although the sunshine remained hidden behind the low cloud today, the wildlife in these rich waters was out there, and Capt Gord took our guests to see some of it. The 12.15pm Ocean Magic left the harbour, with our knowledgeable biologist, Mika, and naturalist Liz on board. We first headed south east to look for Orca. Those whales remained elusive this afternoon, however, we were very lucky to come across a Minke whale accompanied by two little harbour seals. Minke whales are Baleen whales that hunt for small schooling fish and krill. It lunge- feeds by swimming into a school of feed and then gulps large volumes of food-filled water into its mouth.The water is forced out through the baleen and the feed is trapped in the mouth and then swallowed. We watched the Minke for a while and then visited Whale Rock where we saw Steller Sea Lions, Harbour Seals and Brandt’s Cormorants perched on the rock. The gulls on the flat calm water gathered in groups and a River Otter at Chatham and Discovery Islands entertained our guests for a while. There is always something interesting to see in these waters. It was another interesting wildlife trip.
Marie, Orca-Magic.