Ocean Magic Wildlife Adventure May 27

May 30, 2011

It doesn’t matter which way we travel, we will always find some of the great west coast wildlife that frequents this area. The 12.15pm Ocean Magic with Capt Gord and his crew of Naturalists, Liz and Dan on board, headed the vessel south and east where we were able to enjoy the scenery. Calm waters and a sky full of billowy clouds set the tone for this trip. The Tall Ships of the S.A.L.T organization, the ‘Pacific Grace’ and ‘ Pacific Swift ‘ were out with their sails aloft. Sea birds and gulls gathered over bait balls near Trail Island and at Hein Bank we found an elusive Minke Whale that did what Minke whales do best, disappear after two to three breaths at the surface and then change directions. We watched this animal for a while and then went to Whale Rock to observe sea lions and Harbour seals. Two intrepid kayakers were enjoying the turbulent waters near the rocks. It was another great wildlife trip with ‘Prince of whales ‘.
Marie ‘Orca-Magic’