Prince of Whales COVID-19

March 30, 2021

UPDATE MARCH 30th 2021

 Do the new BC public health orders affect your tour?

 While the new provincial restrictions are expansive, we have not been directed as an organization/tour operator to suspend our operations, and continue to offer tours with strict COVID procedures in place and at reduced capacities. Until such a time as we are directed to do otherwise, we will be operating under the current safety guidelines. Please feel free to view our Covid safety video and our safety procedures below.

 You are welcome to reschedule your tour for a future date if you have to suspend your travel to/within BC because of these new restrictions.
Check out our informative video that outlines how we retooled our vessel operations. With the most modern and spacious vessels in the market, our boats are the best choice for your health and safety.

Credit to CrackerJack Flash for video production.


COVID-19 rules and service update. 

General ship rules:

  1. Please follow the instructions of our Captain and crew at all times.
  2. Maintain physical distancing, and stay 2m/6ft from other guests and our staff. 
  3. Please follow the directional signs around the vessels.
  4. Large vessels will be capped at 50% capacity, and we will have one extra crew member on board every sailing to ensure safety and social distancing compliance.

Please note that adventuring with us is at your own risk.

All guests will be asked the following questions prior to boarding our vessels

  1. Do you have a fever and a cough? Yes/no
  2. Do you have a fever and breathing difficulty? Yes/no
  3. Have you been refused boarding in the past 14 days due to a medical reason related to COVID-19? Yes/no
  4. Are you the subject of a provincial/territorial or local public health order? Yes/no
  5. Do you agree to wear a face mask in situations where you cannot maintain two metres of physical separation from your fellow passengers or our crew? Yes/no

If your answer is any of the five in bold, our crew reserved the right to deny you from boarding our vessels. 


Service Specific Notices:

ON-BOARD PANTRY (Ocean Magic and Salish Sea Class vessels)

We will not be serving food on board any of our vessels. Guests are welcome and encouraged to bring their own snacks and non-alcoholic beverages. 

We will continue to provide complimentary hot drinks. Guests are responsible for disposing of their cups in our designated recycle bin on board. 

We encourage you to bring a water bottle. Should you need to refill it during the trip, our crew will be happy to assist you. 

WASHROOMS (Ocean Magic and Salish Sea Class vessels)

Our on-board washrooms will be open. Washrooms will have hand sanitizer, hand soap, and visible instructions for proper hand washing. Our crew will be cleaning the washrooms every 30 minutes during the trips.  


To reduce the risk of spreading COVID-19, we will not be providing fleece blankets, hats, or gloves on board our Ocean Magic and Salish Sea Class vessels. Please bring your own warm layers (it gets cold on the water!). Blankets are a great item to bring in order to stay cozy on our spacious, outdoor decks.


We will continue to provide on board books and catalogues for guests to read during the trip. We will be limiting our educational material to those which the crew can properly sanitize between trips.


Guests will still be provided Transport Canada approved safety equipment on our Zodiac (RHIB) vessels. Flotation suits and life jackets will be set aside for 72 hours after each use. We ask that Zodiac guests bring their own fleece hats and gloves. Ours will remain available for those who need them, and they will be laundry washed after each use. 


Our crew will be properly trained on COVID-19 sanitation protocols. Our captains will ensure vessels are safely clean before guests step on board. The crew will adhere to a cleaning schedule throughout the duration of the trip. All of our vessels will be thoroughly cleaned at the end of each day. 


We ask that all guests refer to our updated CHECK-IN procedures. We ask guests to refrain coming to our indoor office unless absolutely necessary. 


For the safety of our crew and your fellow guests, we kindly ask that you bring your own face mask. If you do not have one, not to worry! Our crew will be happy to provide you with one prior to boarding the vessel. 


We are now open and currently operating tours in Victoria; we expect to resume Operations in Vancouver in early April and Telegraph Cove on May 1st, 2021. We have a small team working remotely and are happy to answer any inquiries – get in touch!
We are fortunate to have shared our 2020 season with wonderful guests and staff. We are eternally thankful to our team for maintaining industry-leading COVID protocols, and to our guests for adhering to these measures. Even with our faces covered, there were smiles all around, and lifetime memories made. We never take for granted our beautiful backyard and look forward to safely sharing 2021 with you.