Sighting Report May 20-30

May 30, 2015

My apologies for a slight delay in the sightings report this week. Starting now, weekly sighting reports will be sent out on Saturday afternoons.

All I can say about this week is wow.

The killer whales dominated the waves, with almost equal reports of residents and transients, although there were a couple days spent with humpbacks as well. As usual, J-pod was the first to return this year, and we’ve been seeing them on and off all week. They’ve been enjoying some of their favourite spots, but also exploring some new territory.

In general, most days we’ve had to do a fair bit of driving to find whales each day, but our diligent search efforts have been rewarded immensely! As well, many trips will extend their time to make sure everyone gets a great look at whales; because of this, we recommend you don’t schedule anything immediately after your whale watching tour. Trips are a 3 hour minimum! Pay for extra parking and don’t book your flight right after, and we will go that extra mile (or 15!) to show you whales.

If there weren’t residents around, the transients were keen to make an appearance. We spotted numerous transient families, as well as unusually large groups travelling together. On May 25th, we had what could almost be described as a transient super pod! There were at least 20 animals travelling in the same vicinity, with family groups split up and spread between them.

Transient party! May 25th, was certainly a highlight this week, with all 12, count ‘em, 12 boats seeing whales! We had transients breaching, we had a humpback breach, all within very close range to Victoria.

But no whales came closer than on May 28th when we found T077A and T124C at Odgen Point! That’s the breakwater! Not to mention we had residents reported as San Juan Island as well.

With whales so close to home, it gave us ample time to visit Race Rocks Ecological Reserve, where not only did we see harbour seals, Northern elephant seals, California sea lions, and Steller sea lions, but also spotted a sea otter! This, as I’m sure many of you know, is a big deal. Very few things cause me to freak out quite as much as a sea otter. And on top of that, this cute little guy was not our resident Harry. So we might have two sea otters hanging out in the area! For a species driven to extinction in this area in 1900, it’s a big deal.

Let’s hope sightings continue to pick up for next week. The only way to get that happening is to get boats on the water looking. And the only way to get boats on the water is for you to book with us!

Come join us on the adventure of a lifetime!

By Jennifer Dickson