Sightings Report April 4-12

April 12, 2015

What a week it’s been!

Ocean Magic II is back on the water, and I’m back doing my First Mate thing! After a few months away seeing what marine life South East Asia has to offer (think manta rays, sea turtles, and more tropical fish than anyone could ever count) I am THRILLED to be back doing what I love for another summer. Nowhere has marine mammals like the Salish Sea!

It seems the whales missed me as well because we Ocean Magic II has not had a single no-whale trip since my return. I’m not saying they’re related… but I’m not saying they’re not 😉

The zodiacs have been having a great time on the water as well, and all in all the season opening week was more than we ever could have hoped for.

It’s been all about the killer whales recently with regular sightings of both transients and residents. On one day alone we had the following reports: T123’s, T049A’s, T036’s, T065A’s, and J16’s! Talk about more whales than we know what to do with!

Transient pods have been dazzling passengers with the occasional high energy display (stay tuned on Facebook for photos of our encounter from April 9th), as well as stealthier foraging behaviour (they took down a pinniped today!) and every sighting with the residents has passengers looking for those new babies!

With 4 new calves in the Southern Residents this year, it not hard to understand why everyone has baby fever! We’ve had multiple trips featuring the J16 matriline which has two babies in it, J50 and J52.

Not ones to be overlooked, the pinnipeds have been showing up in large numbers both at Race Rocks in the west and Whale Rocks to the south east.  Bald Eagles have also been out in droves with everything from mature breeding pairs to immature animals between 1 and 4 years old.

There’s been too many awesome sightings to outline in one post, and things are only going to pick up from here. Keep your eyes peeled for our new sightings reporting system, which we will be debuting soon!

I’m so glad to be back, I have the best job in the world.

Why don’t you come see what all the fuss is about?

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By Jennifer Dickson