Sightings Report August 1

August 1, 2014

More great sightings of a Minke whale and killer whales today and a record breaking 14 zodiacs, 3 Ocean Magic II trips, Ultimate Day Tour AND Whales & Gardens! Phew!

Conditions we’re eerily smooth again today, making sightings spectacular. The killer whales were spotted near Vancouver in the morning and started to head our way at about 10am. By the afternoon they made it to the far end of San Juan Island; they were really moving!

Ocean Magic had an amazing encounter with members of J pod around Stuart Island. Wilma said “It was the most amazing show! Spy-hopping, breaches, pec slaps, and tail slaps! Happy passengers!” Anthony, Sandy, Wilma, and Laurenne picked these guys up on the Whales & Gardens tour later on in the day as well.

Ocean Magic II spotted a Minke whale in the morning and we were super excited to catch up with the killer whales in the afternoon. When Jeff, Rowan, Tom, and I were watching them, they were super focused on travelling, so no breaches, but everyone was porpoising! That’s travelling so fast that their whole body comes out of the water! It was crazy to watch.

Mark, Matt W., Casey, Bo, Torin, and Matt E. all drove trips today, and all had unique encounters with the wildlife. Matt W wrote “Amazing light at Salmon Bank – dorsal fins cutting black shadows against a mottled sea of purple and gold.” Torin was beaming about his trips boasting foraging behaviour, and Bo spotted the elusive wolf on Chatham Island! This guy has been living there for 2 summers and no one knows how he got there.

Wild stuff! We even had time to swing down to Whale Rocks to look at Steller sea lions, harbour seals, and a bald eagle. What a day.

Want to see what we get tomorrow? Come see for yourself! Gonna be a great August Long Weekend!