Sightings Report August 12

August 13, 2014

Today was a perfect example of why we go looking for things when we have no reports…

You don’t find things if you don’t go looking!

After leaving the residents in the evening, you really have no idea where they’re going to pop up the next morning. Sure, recent sightings can give us an idea of where they’re likely to be, but every day we start from scratch. And this morning, no one knew where the residents were. We had no reports, and the last time there were spotted was 8pm last night.

Ocean Magic II was first out this morning at 9am, and we went west. Cause, why not!?

Not only did we find humpbacks, and not only did we find killer whales, we found them side-by-side! And not only were they side-by-side, they were interacting!

After a quick stop to see Harry Otter, still hanging at his island (which also had a bald eagle on it), content as can be, Lindsay spied a humpback nearby. Captain Jeff got us in a great position for viewing while Tom and I started our humpback spiels.

But after only 3 very long dives, all of a sudden we began to speed away. When we asked Jeff what he heard, all he said was “we have something else.” Very mysterious, but these surprises are usually good. Sure enough, close by Rush had found another humpback, and this one was surrounded by killer whales! We were initially frightened that they were transients (no one was prepared to see our well known humpback friend Split Fin, meet his demise at only 8 years old), but thankfully they turned out to be residents.

They did harass Split Fin for a while and he let out several disturbed “trumpets” before proceeding to cartwheel and tail-slap continuously for 20 minutes! Torin wrote of his trip “EPIC! HB, countless tail lobs, 4 breaches!”

The residents continued west and trips throughout the day either caught up with them, and/or one of the numerous humpbacks around. Zodiac skippers Rush, Matt W., Torin, Matt E., and Bo all had an awesome day as the weather calmed throughout the day and a haze cast an eerie yellow glow on the mirrored waters of the evening trips. Made spotting harbour porpoise a breeze too!

Ocean Magic from Vancouver had a great time at Race Rocks, which is COVERED in seals and sea lions, and man are they stinking up the joint! Gavin, Sandy and Sharon, as well as passengers were entertained by all the fighting going on; as real estate becomes harder to find, tousles are unavoidable!

The wildlife just won’t quit. Come see for yourself!

By Jennifer Dickson