Sightings Report August 21

August 21, 2014

Today the weather felt like April, but the whales felt like July!

Things started out with a definite nip in the air this morning, but passengers’ hearts were warmed immediately after spotting a close knit family of K-pod travelling together off shore of San Juan Island.

Ocean Magic II was the first boat on scene this morning as we worked with another company to fan out and search the west side of San Juan Island. Scott, Claire. Rowan, and I immediately recognized the K13’s; a family of 7 who often travel together in a very tight group. The family is made up of K13, her four children, and two grandchildren!

Mark quickly joined us on his zodiac the Queen of Hearts, shortly followed by Rush, Matt, Bo, and Torin on a total of 9 zodiac trips throughout the day! Ocean Magic joined the scene once on their morning run, for the whale watching portion of the Ultimate Day Tour, and again later in the afternoon for the Whales & Gardens tour. Gavin, Sandy, Sharon, and Brenley said their passengers thrilled at witnessing a breach and tail slaps. They also had many guests fascinated by the orca ID process.

We do our best to get accurate ID’s to properly track the movements of the pods, but many people think we are pulling their leg when we talk about IDing individual whales. We can really do it! It’s so nice to see passengers get involved in the identification process. Way to go Ocean Magic team!

The whales spent all day going up and down San Juan Island, accumulating whales as they went. As the day marched on the K14’s showed up and then the K12’s, until all of K pod was in attendance! They stayed in such a convenient location for so long, we even had time to whip over to Race Rocks to see Steller and California sea lions, before checking out the killer whales on Ocean Magic II’s 12:15pm trip.

We had some patches of rough water in places, but all in all today was spectacular from start to finish. I can’t wait to see what we come up with tomorrow!

Join us and see foryourself!

By Jennifer Dickson