Sightings Report August 23

August 23, 2014

Today was a perfect example of why we go out in the fog.

I know you think we’re crazy people, bombing around in limited visibility, but we had two zodiac drivers come in today and write essentially the same thing on the trip summary sheets they fill out at the end of the day. Casey wrote “Have faith!!! Socked in fog trip turned into a beautiful trip with rezzies in front of Victoria!” Matt, slightly more cheekily wrote “Fog, fog, fog, fog, fog, fog, fog, fog, fog, fog, fog, WHALES!”

Once the fog lifted, all of our Victoria based trips spotted all of J-pod! They were first seen milling around Constance Bank off of Victoria and travelled towards San Juan Island throughout the afternoon. ScottLindsayTom and had a beautiful mid-day trip on Ocean Magic II when we spotted literally the ENTIRE pod (that’s 25 J’s, plus Onyx, L87) travelling together in a tight bunch. But Lindsay and I had tears in our eyes at the end of that one.

With the whales so close to Victoria, we were thrilled as always to check out Race Rocks Ecological Reserve, which reeks of sea lion. Those bachelors don’t keep the island very clean!

The Vancouver Ocean Magic picked up transient killer whales on their morning trip (the Ultimate Day Tour) and the rezzies on the Whales & Gardens in the afternoon. Zodiac skippers today were Matt W., CaseyBoTorinMatt E., and Tom (yes, that’s the same Tom on Ocean Magic II! Our crew is multi-talented)

On the evening trips we had a special treat as 2 humpback whales popped up right in the thick of the killer whales off San Juan Island! While it’s not unheard of for these animals to be in the same place in the same time, it’s by no means common. They eat different things, and usually occupy different areas. Bonus!

Lots of whales and wildlife out there. Tomorrow is a whole new adventure!

By Jennifer Dickson