Sightings Report August 6

August 7, 2014

No residents around the last two days and we still got killer whales two days in a row? Ya… we’re that good.

We’ve been lucky enough to find transient killer whales yesterday and today AND they were two different groups. Yesterday was the T18’s whereas the group that showed up today was the T30’s.

Skipper Mark spotted these guys before he was even on the water. No, I’m not kidding. We’re so committed to whale watching that we do it all the time, without even realizing it. Mark spotted killer whales in Oak Bay, while eating breakfast, from his house! Ocean Magic II followed him straight to the whales on our 9am trip, with Scott at the helm, me as First Mate, and Lindsay and Matt W. on as crew.

We continued to watch these animals throughout the morning and early afternoon alongside Ocean Magic from Vancouver with Gavin, Brittany, and Sharon aboard; as well as 12 zodiac trips skippered by Mark, Bo, Torin, Matt E., Rhonda and Tom.

The T30’s travelled steadily north and by the later afternoon they were too far away for us to get in a 3 hour trip. They probably continued up and will head towards Vancouver. So for the afternoon trips we decided to check out the largest cetacean that we spot here, the humpback whale!

But not just one, oh no. Every day it seems we get more humpbacks in to the area. I describe to my passengers how to spot whales as we head out of the harbour, and it got to the point where there were spotting too many! Every time we stopped for a whale, they spotted more in the distance. All told we probably saw between 7 and 9 different humpbacks!

Visiting humpbacks in the Juan de Fuca Strait also gives us the opportunity to check out Race Rocks, which has more sea lions on it every day. Literally. Every single day the rocks get more and more crowded. Which means more wrestling and jostling for top position on the rocks. Annnnd it means a more pungent odour. Oh well, we try to approach from upwind.

Multiple whale species, and all the sea lions. Does it get any better than this? Come out tomorrow and see!