Sightings Report August 8

August 9, 2014

Another beautiful day under our belts, and more whales than we know what to do with!

Ocean Magic, on its way down from Vancouver, crewed by Anthony, Brittany, and Wilma, was one of the first on scene with whales this morning. They caught up with the T65A’s and the T36A’s. Yes, that’s the same two groups of transients that we spotted yesterday, hunting a harbour porpoise.

Well, they were at it again! Wilma said they were actively hunting, and clearly fully involved in a chase! We can tell this because we see sudden change-ups in the direction of travel, sudden bursts of speed, and sharking (which is travelling with the dorsal fin visible, like a shark). They also saw spy-hops and tail slapping! In addition to whales, nearby they found harbour porpoise (probably rather frightened!) and a bald eagle on Saturna Island. One passenger noted it was “the best trip ever!!! – many thanks!

Meanwhile, trips departing out of Victoria were viewing resident killer whales. And not just some of them. All of them! All three pods were reported in the area today which makes for excellent viewing not only because, well, der, there’s lots of whales; it’s also really special because when there are unrelated whales around (ie multiple pod) is when we see the most activity. Think of it like a whale party!

Both Ocean Magic II crew Scott, Claire, Rowan, and myself as well as zodiac skippers Mark, Matt, Bo, Torin, and Rhonda, had an excellent day, full of rad trips. They whales zigzagged up San Juan Island and made a move like they were going to go up to Vancouver, but instead turned around and hung out all day! And the whale party made for great activity. We saw spy hops, baby breaches (both a calf breaching, and a female doing teeny tiny breaches), full breaches, and lots of tail slapping. Great show!

Not to mention harbour seals on every rock, a Minke whale randomly popping up in Oak Bay, and some really great passengers. Of course we love all of our passengers, but when people get as excited as we do, we love them even more. Matt said he had a great group from New York that was full of questions!

Another superb day on the water. Let’s see if this whale party will be a two day affair.