Sightings Report June 24-27

June 27, 2015

My apologies for doubling up on the sightings reports this week, there’s just too many good sightings to talk about!

The last few days have been all killer whales, all the time! We had several days of both residents AND transients, with a humpback or two thrown in for good measure. We’ve also seen whales every day, on every trip, since June 19th!

The westerly winds that gave us a little bit of trouble last week have died down significantly in favour of a heat wave! Normally people are shocked at how cold it can get on the water, but the last few days we’ve had many passengers relieved to escape the heat. Keep in mind though, the difference is extreme, so while you might feel crazy standing on the dock sweating in you sweater or windbreaker, you’ll be thankful for it once we get up to speed.

While there still hasn’t been a super pod reported, members of all three pods were seen regularly this week. We’ve also been seeing a lot a pod switching going on. We’ll be observing a pod, doing our best to ID as many animals as we can, when all of a sudden, someone we aren’t expecting will pop up! Yesterday we were looking at J-pod when out of nowhere, K26 aka Lobo, appeared. The only time males leave their mothers is to visit another pod to meet up with some eligible females. So this is a pretty good sign there might have been some breeding going on! The summer is basically a big killer whale mixer.

While the residents have been keeping everyone entertained, we’ve had a few days where transients have snuck surprisingly close to Victoria. One day they were off Clover Pt, and two days later, William Head! These were the days we got residents and transients. And yesterday, a perfectly positioned humpback meant a couple of our trips were able to go for the trifecta!

Things are really picking up, so you might want to get your reservation made sooner rather than later. Ocean Magic II is going 3 times, and we have between 5 and 8 zodiacs, as well as the Ocean Magic running the Ultimate Day Tour out of Vancouver (which includes North/Southbound adventure crossings), and the Whales & Gardens Tour every day! So no matter what you’re looking for, we’ve got a tour for you!

Give us a call and let us book you on the adventure of a lifetime!

By Jennifer Dickson