Sightings Report Mar 24-Apr3

April 3, 2015

The last week and a half has been incredible. J-Pod has been in the area on and off, and there have been tons of Transient Killer Whales around as well!

The Ocean Magic II started off whale watching season “officially” on Wednesday, with a visit to see the T36 and T37s just south of Victoria. I always wonder if the first Ocean Magic II trip of the season is going to see whales, and this year certainly did not disappoint. Then yesterday, there were 3 separate groups of Transient Killer Whales that were spotted later in the afternoon. Big Mama, our favouriteHumpback Whale, has also maintained her presence recently, and was even spotted fromFriday Harbour last week!

The most exciting news, however, is that we were blessed with the birth of yet another J-Pod calf this week! Skipper Rush was out on Monday, and he returned to exclaim that he was certain he’d seen a newborn. And sure enough, he was right — The Centre for Whale Research confirmed it the next day, which means that FOUR calves have been born since New Years, and this is the third born into J-Pod. We are all keeping our fingers crossed that these calves will survive, and we hope that you will join us in making those wishes! These miracles give us hope that the Southern Resident populationwill continue to grow, despite all of the problems that these whales face, leading to their status as endangered species.

We saw all three J-Pod calves this afternoon, and we are hoping that they will stick around through Easter weekend. The Ocean Magic II will be heading out at 12:15 every day, and we have Zodiacs hourly.

Happy Easter!

PS our darling Jennifer Dickson is back from her travels in Asia, and she will be reporting to you on her diving adventures within the next few days, I’m sure!