Sightings Report November 26

November 27, 2014

Ok ok ok! I know I said there wouldn’t be daily reports anymore, but this one is barely a report. Just a little baby snippet, because I couldn’t resist.

We found killer whales today! This fact, in and of itself, is not that spectacular. Exciting, wonderful, and awesome, yes. But crazy out of the ordinary? No. In fact, moving forward into the winter, the humpbacks will leave, and our main focus will be searching for killer whales again. Sometimes we’ll find them, and sometimes we won’t.

But today we found them.

All of them.

Every single southern resident killer whale was present on our zodiac trip today! That’s a super pod!

A super pod is basically a party. And parties can get rowdy. So rowdy in fact that passengers could hear the whales vocalizing at the surface!

All Skipper Mark said was that it was epic. When asked about conditions, he said great. No other details, no anecdotes, just epic and great!

When Mark left the orca they looked like they were going to continue heading south and back into Puget Sound, where they’ve been for a few days. Or maybe they’ll split up and go all different directions. Or maybe they’ll hang out here! There’s only one way to find out…

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By Jennifer Dickson