Sightings Report October 24

October 24, 2014

Another gorgeous whale filled day out there!

Things are a little chilly on the water nowadays, but the hot chocolate on Ocean Magic II makes it all better. And cold water is actually more productive than warm water, so we have these chilly days to thank for the astounding variety of wildlife we are so grateful to have the opportunity to view.

Ocean Magic II was first off the docks today at 12:15pm, while Mark picked up our latest possible trip this time of year, a 3pm zodiac. As the days get shorter we can’t go out as late; whale watching in the dark is no fun!

Jeff, Matt and I went straight for reports of humpbacks sitting just south of Victoria. There was a pair travelling very quickly in no particular direction. They were a bit all over the place initially, and had the unusual habit of showing their flukes on the second breath and then not diving. While odd, this worked out great for us because we got twice as many looks at the flukes, which are everybody’s favourite part of the humpback.

For our last few looks at these guys they changed direction and settled in to a more predictable pattern making them easy to stay beside. My passengers were delighted by the whole encounter!

After a look at a massive bald eagle on Secretary Island it was on to Race Rocks, which is smelling a lot better after some cleansing rain yesterday. The tide was extremely high and there was a bit of swell causing spectacular waves breaking not only on the rocks, but over the Steller sea lion haul out itself!

All four species were represented again today, with the Elephant seals taking over the boat launch. Which I’m pretty sure they think is an Elephant seal specific ramp.

As Ocean Magic II pulled in to the dock, Mark was just departing on his 3pm trip. And lucky him, at that moment, we got a call about killer whales! He’ll be back at 6, regaling the office with tales of J and K pod I’m sure.

Hopefully these guys stick around for a few days. You’ve only got one week to come out on Ocean Magic II before she’s done for the season. How about tomorrow?!

By Jennifer Dickson