Sightings Report October 25

October 25, 2014

Guess what? More humpbacks today! We had some…interesting conditions to deal with on the water, but our big boat full of gung-ho passengers appreciated the adventure (or was it the hot chocolate?).

It was with a light sprinkling of rain that Jeff, Casey, Andrea, and I, aboard Ocean Magic II, made our way through the calm waters of the harbour this afternoon.

And then we reached the harbour mouth… That was the end of the calm water! The tide and wind were moving opposite directions which always makes for some big waves. It’s nice to get right in to the rough stuff though; everything afterwards doesn’t seem quite so bad.

The first humpback we picked up was in some good sized waves, but our passengers immediately became experts at picking out the blow as the whale exhaled at the surface. We had a great encounter with this animal who was kelping all over the place!

We actually found this to be a reliable way to predict where this whale would surface. She (or he) simply went from raft of kelp to raft of kelp and we repeatedly spotted it with kelp rolling off its dorsal fin and flukes! One time the whale even stopped to roll around. We got flashes of pectoral fin and gullet in the rolling waves. What a treat!

From there we continued around the corner to find two more humpbacks. These guys could have been resting they were travelling so slowly. The only indication we got that they were conscious was that they were determined to visit us! They came right towards the boat, slowly cruising up our starboard side.

If whales can hear us above the water these humpbacks sure would have enjoyed the squeals of delight emanating for at least four excited children on board.

Then it was off to Race Rocks which certainly lived up to its name today. We could hardly stay in position the current was whipping through so fast. But we stayed long enough to get everybody a good look at the Steller and California sea lions hunkering down in the rain.

A few bumps, and a whole lot more hot chocolate, and we were back in the harbour.

Ready for tomorrow’s adventure? Dress warm! And if you bring a mug, we’ll give you a deal on hot drinks.

By Jennifer Dickson