Sightings Report October 26

October 26, 2014

We went both east and west today, and found humpbacks everywhere!

It’s really quite a feeling in October to go out, and basically assume that you’re going to find whales. We never take whales for granted. We know they can disappear at any moment. They can take off and disappear for days or weeks at a time. Even while we’re watching them we keep a diligent eye on the water, cause man, these guys can swim!

So to get up every morning in October, chat with the other drivers before we disembark, and hear that there are humpbacks whichever direction we prefer to go is always a treat.

This morning Mark went east and picked up a mother and calf humpback in Haro Strait. The mothers and calves are getting harder to tell apart from the pairs of adults we sometimes see. The calves have grown so much since the beginning of the season! Which of course is what we like to see!

Jeff, Casey and I took Ocean Magic II west again today. We just love the scenery out there. And oh ya, there were like 5 humpbacks between Victoria and Race Rocks!

We picked up a pair and a singleton east of the rocks, and another pair around the west side. The first two we spotted were slightly off the rocks, minding their own business, when a massive bait ball started to form. Birds poured in from all direction until a teeming mass of white and grey enveloped us.

Then, even more suddenly, they all took flight! I’ll give you one guess what spooked the birds

Another humpback! After a few minutes all three whales were happily feeding on the remnants of the school of fish, and then quietly separated into the pair and single once more.

Race Rocks delivered once again, with all of the pinnipeds making an appearance. Assuming of course that you can call three massive blobs known as elephant seals lying motionless on the boat launch “making an appearance.” But of course, wildlife isn’t there to entertain us. They do what they want! And we appreciate their presence.

What started as rainy and gloomy turned into a glorious day! We saw the nice weather coming from the west. Won’t you join us tomorrow for what is essentially guaranteed humpbacks? And I think we’re due for our final killer whale sighting of the season, don’t you?

By Jennifer Dickson

And don’t forget, only 5 more days to get on Ocean Magic II before see’s done for the season!