Sightings Report October 28

October 28, 2014

Ocean Magic II was all alone on the water today. We had the ocean all to ourselves! While we heard about some other companies going out later this afternoon, at 12:15pm we were literally the only whale watching boat on the water.

But this time of year, that’s no problem. Jeff, Matt and I know where to find our local giants! Humpbacks. Humpbacks everywhere! We actually spotted our first whale right outside the harbour, but we wanted to show our passengers a little more of the Salish Sea than what you can see from the breakwater. So we pressed on, in search of whales in a more scenic location.

Ha! I love that there are so many whales we can be picky! Sure enough we picked up a single humpback south east of Race Rocks, and a pair directly south. We went back and forth between the three of them for a few minutes until a commotion caught our eye.

Every gull in the vicinity suddenly started streaming towards the same spot on the water. A bait ball was forming. And it was a big’un! Hundreds upon hundreds of birds piling up on top of each other is an awe-inspiring sight, and basically the only time people enjoy looking at gulls! We went to observe the chaos for a few minutes before returning to the serenity that is a humpback traveling.

There were a few good-sized swells to deal with left over from Tropical Storm Ana’s brief stop on our coast last night, but all in all the conditions were pleasant. The sun even made a brief appearance! Passengers were delighted form start to finish, and Race Rocks was its usual thrill.

Today we had a couple bonus encounters at our favourite ecological reserve. Instead of the usual one or two Northern Elephant seals hauled out we had no fewer than eleven. Eleven! All pressed together in tight little row, they looked like the fattest logs you’ve even seen in a log boom.

The next bonus was a super rare encounter with two brown pelicans! We almost never get these guys in this area, but when we do, it’s always around this time. Go October!

Don’t forget, only two more trips left for you to join us on Ocean Magic II. But Jennifer, you cry, there’s three days until the 31st! That’s true, overly dramatic reader, but we have a charter using the entire boat on Thursday, so if you want to book, it’ll have to be Wednesday or Thursday.

Make your booking now to help us confirm the boat. Plus you can take advantage of our end-of-season snack bar sale. Everything must go!

By Jennifer Dickson