Sightings Report October 31

October 31, 2014

The weather was confused again today. We had rain in the morning and incredible sunshine in the afternoon. The water was super calm; we had no winds forecast over 5kts!

Jeff, Matt and I took Ocean Magic II out at 12:30pm to grey skies and flat water. We left a little late to accommodate a couple of passengers flying over on our Fly-Whales-Fly package (more info on that here). We had to look a little harder for whales today, they weren’t quite in the spots we’ve gotten used to, but we found them!

We did a wide sweep south and west and eventually caught up with a group of three humpback whales off of Becher Bay. I mentioned yesterday that three is pretty much the largest groups we see humpbacks travelling in. So I immediately thought that it might be the same trio. Upon closer inspection we concluded that two of the humpbacks were the same, but they had a new buddy! Again, this is pretty typical of humpbacks; they’re not social, and they don’t form long-lived bonds.

But trios two days in a row? Bonus!

And it didn’t end there. We swung by Secretary Island to see if Harry was there, but it seems he has left for the season. It’s been well over a week since his last sighting. However Secretary is still always worth a stop because of a beautiful pair of bald eagles that call the island home.

As we headed towards Race Rocks we spotted Mark, out on a 1:30pm zodiac, spending time with the humpbacks as well. He was easy to spot because the water so unbelievably flat!

We’ve totally been getting spoiled at Race Rocks recently. I’m sure it’s boring to hear over and over that all four pinniped species were present. But it’s not always this awesome, trust me! Race Rocks gets abandoned in June and July as the sea lions head out in search of breeding territory. We had another eagle fly over the rocks again today, sending the gulls into a panic that is always stunning to observe.

But the biggest bonus of the day came right as we were returning to the harbour. We were paralleling the Coho ferry when we spotted Pacific white-sided dolphins riding her bow! They travelled this way for about 5 minutes, giving our passengers a huge thrill. They went as far as the harbour mouth before turning back. We couldn’t resist seeing if they’d play with us, so we doubled back and sure enough they had a great time surfing our wake and bow riding!

Check out Facebook or Twitter for an AMAZING photo of the action.

Nothing scary about our trip today, just awesome all around. Happy Halloween!

By Jennifer Dickson