Sightings Report October 7

October 7, 2014

All about the humpbacks today, and every trip saw different whales!

Conditions were flat calm again today, and that beautiful warm weather did result in a little fog, but we managed just fine and put together 4 amazing trips today.

Mark was first out at 11, followed by Rush at 12, Ocean Magic II with Jeffmyself and Matt at 1pm, and Mark again at 3pm.

Mark followed reports of a couple of humpback whales just south of Race Rocks Ecological Reserve. By the time Rush joined him on the water the fog was starting the roll in, and the humpbacks located in the morning disappeared into it.

Never fear though! Rush took some time to check out Race Rocks and all of those wonderful pinnipeds, California sea lions, Steller sea lions, northern elephant seals, and harbour seals! Even in the fog, these animals are a treat to behold. They occupy many senses. You see them. You hear them. And yes, you smell them.

Fog is something that is constantly changing, conditions can alter drastically in the span of a couple of minutes. And sure enough, near the end of Rush’s trip, the banks cleared enough for him to be able to spot a humpback, just south west of Victoria!

Ocean Magic II was slightly delayed from our regular departure time today, and instead went out at 1pm. We’d been listening intently to all of this going down over the radio. We spent a day in the fog yesterday, so instead we decided to go where there was more visibility.

Our journey took us up Haro Strait to Moresby Island. There we found my two favourite humpbacks, side-by-side! The SplitsSplit Fluke and Split Fin, reunited at last! These guys were spotted hanging out together regularly last year, and seem to be in cahoots again! Both born in 2006, and both with fin anomalies that makes them easy to ID, Split Fluke and Split Fin are some of our more commonly seen humpbacks.

Today they were travelling slowly south, doing short dives, and fluking beautifully in the late afternoon sunshine. It really was a sight to behold.

Wanna check out some humpbacks on humpday tomorrow? Better get out here!

By Jennifer Dickson