Sightings Report September 15

September 15, 2014

Well I’m back after a little vacation (shout out to Rifflandia!) and could not have asked for a better welcome back party. Incredible conditions, and different whales on almost every trip!

The Vancouver boat, Ocean Magic, had a spectacular crossing on the Georgia Strait, which is not known for its calm waters. Wilma said it was the calmest day all season! Things were the same when they got to Victoria, with glassy calm waters all around. Captain Gavin, First Mate Brittany and Naturalist Wilma were delighted to pick up harbour seals at East point on Saturna Island, and a group of transient killer whales, the T060’s off Orcas Island. Ya, orcas off Orcas Island.

The Ultimate Day Tour passengers were treated to the transients hunting harbour porpoise; causing them to breach, tail slap, and spy hop (the whales that is…)! Even as the boat went to leave they could see the whales pick up the chase again after another group of porpoises.

On the Victoria side, we were also looking at transients! We had a large group of about 15 spotted by skipper Mark on his first trip at 10am. Also on zodiacs were Bo and Matt today. It was a special treat to learn that one of the transient families was not one we see often; they were exotics! Not seen regularly, they were tricky to ID, but Mark thinks they were from California! As an extra bonus Bo picked up a humpback on one of his trips!

Later in the afternoon, the residents returned! Ocean Magic, with Jeff, myself, Casey and Tom aboard, sped out to Sheringham Point to check out all of J-pod, save for 10 whales, all of L-pod, and all of K-pod! That’s 69 whales! They were travelling in discrete pod groups. We spent most of our time with L-pod, 35 whales strong!

Not only do they have to largest pod, L’s have the smallest whale! Both Matt and I had our first opportunity to see the new calf, L120. And oh man, is he/she tiny! I forgot how small 6feet long, 500lbs is compared to a mama killer whale.

There are a few pictures up, but if you want to come see the new addition for yourself, you better get our here!

Join us tomorrow to see what we can find!

By Jennifer Dickson