Sightings Report September 2

September 2, 2014

We ran the whole gamut of possible weather today; just a little bit of everything the west coast has to offer!

While the rain doesn’t stop us, lightning sure will, so unfortunately the conditions did not allow us to go out past 3:30, but we got in a solid, and spectacular day of whale watching before that happened.

On the Vancouver side of things, Captian Anthony, First Mate Sandy, and Naturalist Wilma, guided Ocean Magic through Active Pass and down Haro Strait this morning. In Active, they spotted a bald eagle perched atop a dead tree with harbour seals all around, including a pup!

Next it was on to San Juan Island where they picked up members of JpodJ27J16, and J26 were all in attendance. The group was traveling, and foraging, making for great viewing.

In Victoria, Skipper Mark was first out on the zodiacs, followed by RushTorin, and Matt E. These guys also went for San Juan where they picked up not only J-pod, but also members of K and L! There was a Super Pod in the area yesterday and it looks like everybody has stuck around! The whales were all spread out along the island, which makes for awesome viewing conditions: everybody gets their own whales!

Ocean Magic II was out at 12:15pm with Captain Jeff, First Mate Jen (yours truly), and Naturalists Lindsay and Matt W. We took a great group of gung ho passengers (complete with a film crew from Tourism Victoria/Vancouver! Check out the link out into the rain.

We also caught up with members of all three pods! We spotted Granny (J2), Lobo (K26), and Crewser (L92)! The rain did not dampen our spirits, and obviously the whales don’t care; we had a superb trip and were lucky enough to see several tight family groups. There is nothing quite like seeing 12 whales surface side-by-side. It actually struck me speechless. Me! Speechless! Unheard of!

Conditions look like they’ll be better all week, and rain beings salmon, which bring whalesCome see what’s out there.

By Jennifer Dickson