Sightings Report September 23

September 23, 2014

I can die now.

I didn’t realize my life would change after seeing a pod of 100 pacific white-sided dolphins but you can’t just walk away unaltered after witnessing what I saw today.

Oh shoot, I spoiled the surprise! Well there you have it, we saw around 100 Pacific white-sided dolphins today! I often have passengers tell me that their trip was life changing, or thank us for helping them check something off their bucket list. And of course, I remember the first time seeing a killer whale, or a humpback for the first time; you never quite look at the ocean the same way again.

These dolphins have shifted my paradigm again. To see a mass of animals move with such speedagility, and cohesion is something that will give me shivers when I think about it for a long time to come. I took probably 10 videos just with my cell phone because I have never seen anything like and it needed to be documented! I will be posting one or two ASAP, and look for professional photos by Marie O’Shaughnessy in the next week!

Ocean Magic II was out at 12:15pm today with Captain Scott, First Mate Jen and Naturalist Rowan aboard, and Rush covered the zodiacs with a trip at 10:30. It seems our passengers are afraid of the rain, but you shouldn’t be! This is what our covered boat is for! The whales don’t care, and it was flat calm on the water today. Sightings are totally unrelated to atmospheric conditions and it didn’t even end up raining on the water today.

After the teeming throng of dolphins, our other species of dolphin, orcas, were decidedly tame. However their bulk and the males’ excessively large dorsal fin always make these animals a treat to behold. We saw CappuccinoK21, and two females from K-pod feeding off of Southern San Juan Island.

As an added bonus, we had enough time to check out a humpback whale, feeding in the shallows also off of San Juan Island! This animal went unidentified, we didn’t recognize him/her, but it was a small individual, doing short dives and fluking repeatedly!

On our way home we couldn’t resist having one last look at those dolphins. Everyone on board was giddy from the whole experience; and the entire trip something I will not soon forget.

More rain forecast for tomorrow, and I’m forecasting more whales! Let’s see if the dolphins stick around!

By Jennifer Dickson