Sightings Report September 3

September 3, 2014

Wow, what a day on the water. And not just compared of the torrential rain yesterday! Today was truly spectacular in its own right. All the notes the drivers left for me included a variation on Torin’s phrase “Beauty day!”

I try to stay away from using words like “cooperative” and “putting on a show” when it comes to describing whale behaviours, because that implies that part of what they’re doing is for our benefit. These whales are doing what they’re doing, regardless of the humans watching them. But sometimes things just work out so well for us, you just want to thank the whales for being so darn cooperative!

Today was one of those times. The whales were within range of the Vancouver boat in the morning, and the Victoria boats in the afternoon, and some trips even saw killer whales AND humpback whales!

The Vancouver based Ocean Magic vessel was first to spot whales on their Ultimate Day Tour, departing at 9am. They found the T065A’s by Spieden Island and they spotted them hunting! While Anthony, Sandy, Wilma, and Brenley watched, the whales made a kill and they witnessed tail slapping and porpoising behaviour. Then some gulls swooped in to pick at the leftovers!

In Victoria, Mark was first out on the zodiacs followed by Rush, Torin, and Anthony. These guys all took out sold out zodiacs in search of transient killer whales, and later, humpbacks as well!

Ocean Magic II donned the water at 12:15pm and 3:30pm with Jeff, me, Tom, and Matt aboard. We also caught up with the T065A’s who were traveling with another, unidentified group. Our photographer Marie is pretty sure one of the odd one’s out was a lone female called T002! These guys travelling serenely around the Victoria waterfront, giving us lots of time to look for humpbacks and check out the sea lions at Race Rocks (which smells SOOOO much better after the rain!)

The humpbacks we found were Split Fluke, and a whale new to the catalogue! She/he hasn’t been given an official ID number yet, we’re confident in the ID thanks to passenger Mark Lachovsky’s photo. Thanks Mark!

I’m running out of adjectives to describe the conditions today. I already used spectacular…! They were truly breathtaking. Not a ripple on the surface. Like when I say flat calm, I mean FLAT. All day. Everywhere!

Ok, I think you get it. September is off to a roaring start, and if this summer was any indication, we’ve only got more to look forward to!

By Jennifer Dickson